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This two-part science fiction saga begins with the android Niya (Metyolkina) being discovered in a discarded spacecraft by a spaceship from Earth. She is brought back for scientific research, and it's learned she is from the dying planet Dessa, which has been polluted by the inhabitants. Part two finds Niya returning to Dessa in an attempt to save the people from extinction.


  • Yelena Metyolkina as Neeya
  • Uldis Lieldidz as Sergei Lebedev
  • Vadim Ledogorov as Cadet Stepan Lebedev
  • Yelena Fadeyeva as Maria Pavlovna
  • Vatslav Dvorzhetsky as Petr Petrovich
  • Nadezhda Semyontsova as Professor Nadezhda Ivanova
  • Aleksandr Lazarev as Professor Klimov
  • Aleksandr Mikhajlov as Dreier
  • Boris Shcherbakov as Navigator Kolotin
  • Igor Ledogorov as Ambassador Rakan
  • Igor Yasulovich as Torki
  • Gleb Strizhenov as Glan
  • Vladimir Fyodorov as Turanchoks
  • Yevgeni Karelskikh


  • Over 20 million fans saw this feature in the Soviet Union, the last film by noted science fiction director Richard Viktorov. It was first released in 1981 and awarded a USSR State Prize the following year.
  • Yelena Metyolkina won the "Silver Asteroid" at the 1982 International Festival of Science Fiction Films in Trieste, Italy for her portrayal of Niya.
  • In 2000, Richard Viktorov's son, Nikolay, created a "Special Edition" of Per Aspera Ad Astra featuring all-new CGI sequences as well as a full cleaning and restoration of the original footage.

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