You mean those hyper-warp escape ships that we just trashed?
  — Crow

MST3k Space Mutiny ships pic 1

The Hyper-warp escape ships are three small spaceships that were stored somewhere in the Satellite of Love without anybody knowing about their existence. Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot and Gypsy found them in the episode Space Mutiny. Instead of telling Mike Nelson about the ships and using them to escape the SOL, Crow and Servo used them for a space battle reinactment. After the battle they tried to return the ships to the SOL, but ended up crashing into the SOL completely destroying the ships in the process. Gypsy followed not much later, also crashing her ship into the SOL (all heard off-screen).

It is unknown if the Hyper-warp escape ships have always been in the SOL, since in the episode Mitchell it was mentioned that the Deus ex Machina was the only escape pod. This entire scene was seen via Rocket Number 9 and while it wasn't explicitly stated, given the comedic nature of the show, it's likely that Crow's ship is the yellow on on the right and Servo's ship is red-colored one on the left.  It's also not know if they were firing laser beams at one another or simply crashing into each other and the SOL repeatedly given the amount of damage seen.

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