"If Chauffeurs Ruled the World" is a song from the episode Ring of Terror.


[On the satellite:]

JOEL: Man, that was such an ordeal. What a cruel trick, making us watch a whole other movie again.

CROW: Yeah, with each episode that Phantom Creeps gets more and more RIDICULOUS!

TOM: Yeah, I know. Who did that chauffeur think he was, thinking he could rule the world?

CROW: Yeah!

[In Deep 13:]

FRANK: Hey, it wasn't my fault that we showed that Phantom Creep at the end. Dr. Forrester calls all the shots around here. If you ask me, that chauffeur had the right idea. As a matter of fact, I prepared a little number:

[Spotlight on Frank who gets out of cardboard limo and dons chauffeur hat and white gloves. Dr. Forrester "sits" in back of limo reading paper.]

FRANK: If chauffeurs ruled the world--

It's what I'd like to see

'Cause everyone in the world

Would take a back seat to me.

I wouldn't have to drive--

I wouldn't have to steer--

'Cause all would bow down before me

In total abject fear.

All the gorgeous dames

Would worship at my feet!

Why--I could have any one of them I want!

Even Meryl Steep!

I'd have complete respect

Of everyone on the planet

Including intellectuals,

Even David Mamet.

[Frank dusts off cardboard car and Dr. Forrester who gets angry at this.]

FRANK: Tell me, why do I have to take

Orders from this guy?

I'd like to drop him a bucket of boiling grease

And watch him slowly die.

DR. FORRESTER: That's enough, Frank.

FRANK: If chauffeurs ruled the world--

DR. FORRESTER: That's enough, Frank! FRANK! [Picks up cardboard limo and dumps it over Frank's head.]

FRANK: --Is what I'd like to see--

DR. FORRESTER: That's enough!

FRANK: --'Cause everyone in the world

Would take a back seat to me--Mammy!

[Dr. Forrester dumps newspaper on top of Frank.]

DR. FORRESTER: That's enough, Frank.

[On the satellite:]

JOEL: We think your song is--


[In Deep 13:]

FRANK: [choked with tears]

If chauffeurs ruled the world,

It's what I'd like to see,

But I guess some other palooka will rule the world

[snorts with tears]

No, not me.

DR. FORRESTER: Push the button, Judy Garland. [Frank sobs with tears.] Push the button, Frank.

FRANK: Do you think the ACE Awards people are watching this?

DR. FORRESTER: Oh, for crying out loud! [pushes button]

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