For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 1113 - Il Natale Che Quasi Non Fu.

Il Natale Che Quasi Non Fu is a 1966 Italian-made Christmas movie that was written, directed, and acted in by Rossano Brazzi. It also stars Paul Tripp, the co-writer.


The bitter millionaire Phineas T. Prune purchases Santa Claus' home and workshop at the North Pole, and demands back rent. Santa Claus seeks out the help of a sympathetic attorney, and they embark on an effort to raise the money and pay off Mr. Prune.



  • This film was released in English-speaking countries as The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.
  • Mischa Auer, who played Johnathan the Head Elf, appeared in several highly-regarded films throughout his career, including My Man Godfrey, Destry Rides Again, Hold That Ghost, and the film adaptations of You Can't Take it with You and And Then There Were None.
  • As was common in the European film industry of the day, the movie was shot without live sound. Rossano Brazzi, who had previously appeared in many American films, was the only Italian actor whose dialogue is used with his real voice and native accent. The other performances were all dubbed by other actors without accents.
  • At the time this film was made, Rossano Brazzi was married to actress Lydia Brazzi (Mrs. Claus).
  • The title song was performed by American folk singer Glenn Yarbrough. Yarbrough later sang songs in the animated film versions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King.


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