Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (abbreviated ICWXP) is a post-apocalyptic zombie comedy DVD and web series created by Rikk Wolf and produced by Agonywolf Media inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000. Originally intended as a one-off homage, ICWXP evolved into a full-blown series, eventually including spin-offs Incognito Gaming Warriors XP and Robot Co-Op.


Commander Rick Wolf, a soldier of CORPS (Command of Reanimate Processing and Suppression) finds himself trapped in the Cine-A-Sorrow alongside Topsy Bot 5000 (originally a Concession-Bot), Johnny Cylon (an Usher-Bot) and Flux Namtari (an Arcade-Bot) during an ongoing "zompocalypse".

While trapped, they are forced to watch bad movies by a series of antagonists; Dr. Harrison Blackwood, Special Agent Jonathan Kincaid and Echelon Marcus.


Season One

Season Two

Work has been done on Episode 206, but it has, so far, not been completed and no timeline for its completion and release has been stated.

Cast & crew

Regular cast

  • Rikk Wolf - Commander Rick Wolf (all) / Dr. Blackwood (104, 203, 204)
  • Zach Legler - Johnny Cylon (101 - 205)
  • Rob Atwell - Topsy Bot 5000 / Dr. Blackwood (101 - 103)
  • Gregory Wyatt Tinnen - Topsy Bot 5000 / Agent Kincaid (104)
  • Nick Evans - Topsy Bot 5000 (Season Two)
  • Dave Thompson - Flux Namtari (201 - 203.5)
  • Jason Chaffee - Flux Namtari (204 - 205.5)
  • Doug Marshall - Echelon Marcus (204, 205)

Regular crew


In 2015, the cast and crew of ICWXP began riffing on video games, initially under the name Incognito Gaming Warriors XP, later Playing with Myself (Rikk & his "clone", Rick), A Guy & Two Robots and, ultimately, Robot Co-Op.

A three-issue comic book series, ICWXP: The Non-Motion Picture, was begun in 2011, with the first issue being released on Jan 6, 2011. The second issue was released on January 16, 2013. The third, and final, issue is still forthcoming.

Behind the scenes

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