Instead of Tweeting is a podcast by Bridget and Mike Nelson. It debuted in June of 2017.

The podcast is very short, typically lasting about a minute. Bridget and Mike will discuss some aspect of their lives and/or something that has captured Bridget's attention. The podcast episodes are released across various outlets, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.


Episode Number Title Description Release date*
IoT 101 "Time Travel" Tweeting is so time consuming; this is much easier! Join Mike and Me for the first episode of Instead of Tweeting. 6/11/2017 t,y
IoT 102 "Water Tower" Water Tower Recognition Now! 6/12/2017 t,y
IoT 103 "Restaurants" Bridget finds tweeting too difficult and fussy, so here's her take on annoying waitstaff questions. 6/23/2017 t
IoT 104 "More Than Welcome" Bridget is a big fan of proper etiquette, but she senses a hint of hypocrisy in a familiar social nicety. 6/29/2017 t,y
IoT 105 "Rice-A-Roni" aka "Hotline" The shocking true story of when Bridget called the Rice-A-Roni hotline. 7/05/2017 t,y
IoT 106 "Consignment" In this episode, Mike asks Bridget what’s on her mind, she answers, and then the episode is over! 7/13/2017 t,y
IoT 107 "Liquor Sales" Take a one minute break for a slice of Nelson life. 7/07/2017 t
IoT 108 "40 Years" A one minute break brought to you by The Nelsons. Your source for Nelsons in the Tri-County area 7/27/2017 t,y
IoT 109 "The Woman" Bridget had an adventure at the lake (which infuriated her!) 8/02/2017 t,y
IoT 110 "Anesthesia" Everything is farm to table these days. Sometimes it’s just too much! 8/10/2017 t,y
IoT 111 "Icon" In this explosive episode I ask Mike a question instead of using Google! 60 seconds you won't want to miss. 9/06/2017 t,y
IoT 112 "Tony Montana" I can’t get my mind off of Tony Montana OR his little friend. 10/17/2017 t
IoT 113 "What I’ve Learned" With age comes great wisdom. Join Mike and me for 60 seconds that will change the way you think about toes. 10/19/2017 t
IoT 114 "BORING!" Bridget confronts Mike. Is this the end of the road for this Minnesota couple? Not to be missed. 10/25/2017 t
IoT 115 "Certified Nelson" Insist on 100% Mike and Bridget when buying or leasing a mini podcast. 10/27/2017 i,t
- "A commercial from me about me" A commercial from me about me. 10/27/2017 i
IoT 116 "Dinner Date" Bridget’ dinner party is ruined when Mike gives her some sad news. 11/1/2017 i
IoT 117 "Party in the USA" Mike tries to help me get an annoying song out of my head. 11/10/2017 t
IoT 118 "Sammy Hagar" Can Sammy Hagar save this marriage? 11/17/2017 t
IoT 119 "Parenting Review" Survey Says! Mike and Bridget welcome a special guest to take a survey. 12/1/2017 t

*Due to the scattershot way Instead of Tweeting has been released, it is unclear what the correct release dates are. The dates listed indicate the earliest appearance found for each episode from the following sources:
i=iTunes , t=Twitter , y=YouTube

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