Instead of Tweeting is a podcast by Bridget and Mike Nelson. It debuted in June of 2017.

The podcast is very short, typically lasting about a minute. Bridget and Mike will discuss some aspect of their lives and/or something that has captured Bridget's attention. The podcast episodes are released across various outlets, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.


Episode Number Title Description Release date*
IoT 101 "Time Travel" Tweeting is so time consuming; this is much easier! Join Mike and Me for the first episode of Instead of Tweeting. 6/11/2017 t,y
IoT 102 "Water Tower" Water Tower Recognition Now! 6/12/2017 t,y
IoT 103 "Restaurants" Bridget finds tweeting too difficult and fussy, so here's her take on annoying waitstaff questions. 6/23/2017 t
IoT 104 "More Than Welcome" Bridget is a big fan of proper etiquette, but she senses a hint of hypocrisy in a familiar social nicety. 6/29/2017 t,y
IoT 105 "Rice-A-Roni" aka "Hotline" The shocking true story of when Bridget called the Rice-A-Roni hotline. 7/05/2017 t,y
IoT 106 "Consignment" In this episode, Mike asks Bridget what’s on her mind, she answers, and then the episode is over! 7/13/2017 t,y
IoT 107 "Liquor Sales" Take a one minute break for a slice of Nelson life. 7/07/2017 t
IoT 108 "40 Years" A one minute break brought to you by The Nelsons. Your source for Nelsons in the Tri-County area 7/27/2017 t,y
IoT 109 "The Woman" Bridget had an adventure at the lake (which infuriated her!) 8/02/2017 t,y
IoT 110 "Anesthesia" Everything is farm to table these days. Sometimes it’s just too much! 8/10/2017 t,y
IoT 111 "Icon" In this explosive episode I ask Mike a question instead of using Google! 60 seconds you won't want to miss. 9/06/2017 t,y
IoT 112 "Tony Montana" I can’t get my mind off of Tony Montana OR his little friend. 10/17/2017 t
IoT 113 "What I’ve Learned" With age comes great wisdom. Join Mike and me for 60 seconds that will change the way you think about toes. 10/19/2017 t
IoT 114 "BORING!" Bridget confronts Mike. Is this the end of the road for this Minnesota couple? Not to be missed. 10/25/2017 t
IoT 115 "Certified Nelson" Insist on 100% Mike and Bridget when buying or leasing a mini podcast. 10/27/2017 i,t
- "A commercial from me about me" A commercial from me about me. 10/27/2017 i
IoT 116 "Dinner Date" Bridget’ dinner party is ruined when Mike gives her some sad news. 11/1/2017 i
IoT 117 "Party in the USA" Mike tries to help me get an annoying song out of my head. 11/10/2017 t
IoT 118 "Sammy Hagar" Can Sammy Hagar save this marriage? 11/17/2017 t
IoT 119 "Parenting Review" Survey Says! Mike and Bridget welcome a special guest to take a survey. 12/1/2017 t
IoT 201 "Price Point" 60ish seconds with The Nelsons 6/27/2019
IoT 202 "John Adams" 60 seconds with The Nelsons 7/04/2019
IoT 203 "Open Concept" 60 seconds with The Nelsons 7/11/2019
IoT 204 "Farm to Table" 60 seconds with The Nelsons 7/19/2019
IoT 205 "Mike Suggests a Tweet" 60 seconds with The Nelsons 7/25/2019
IoT 206 "Kentucky Colonel" 60 seconds with The Nelsons 8/03/2019
IoT 207 "Kentucky Colonel Part 2" 8/08/2019
IoT 208 "More Mike Tweet Ideas!" 8/15/2019

*Due to the scattershot way Instead of Tweeting Season 1 was released, it is unclear what the correct release dates are. The dates listed indicate the earliest appearance found for each episode from the following sources:
i=iTunes , t=Twitter , y=YouTube

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