For the MST3K episode, see MST3K K01 - Invaders from the Deep.

Invaders from the Deep is a 1981 science-fiction film. It was assembled from several episodes of the British television series Stingray, with some new music and effects.


In the year 2065, the underwater world of Marineville is united in peace under one government. Humans have become committed to the exploration of the oceans that cover three-fifths of the world and provide a vital new source of mineral resources. This exploration rouses the ire of the Aquaphibians, a race of undersea warriors ruled by Titan. They become determined to invade the surface and destroy the forces of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), which monitors the seas and protects the world from enemy threats. WASP's most powerful asset is the sleek and deadly underwater craft Stingray, captained by the enigmatic Troy Tempest. Tempest and the crew of Stingray battle the Aquaphibians for control of the planet.


  • Robert Easton as Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan / Corda / WSP Commander
  • Ray Barrett as Commander Sam Shore / Sub-Lieutenant John Horatio Fisher / King Titan / others
  • Don Mason as Captain Troy Tempest / Solaster Leader
  • Lois Maxwell as Lieutenant Atlanta Shore / Milly Carson / Marineville Tracking Station #2
  • David Graham as Admiral Henry Carson / Marin / Nucella / Marineville Tracking Station #1 / Jet Squadron Leader / Turata


  • Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Stingray was the precursor to the popular TV series Thunderbirds.
  • Made in 1964, Stingray was the first British television series to be filmed entirely in color, which was a decision made in anticipation of selling the show for distribution in America. In the UK, the series was initially broadcast in black and white, but repeats of Stingray on British television have been transmitted in full color.
  • The four episodes of Stingray that were edited together to produce Invaders from the Deep were "Hostages of the Deep", "The Big Gun", "Emergency Marineville," and "Deep Heat".
  • This is the first of three compilation films riffed on MST3K that were assembled by the American division of British TV studio ITC Entertainment for US syndicated movie packages (also see Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars and Cosmic Princess).

MST3K Connections[]

  • Director Desmond Saunders was also supervising director for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars.
  • Series creators Gerry and Sylvia Anderson were also creators of the shows Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Space: 1999, episodes of which were used in Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars and Cosmic Princess respectively.
  • Voice actor Robert Easton also portrayed Kester in The Giant Spider Invasion (for which he also served as co-writer) and Mr. Keitel in The Touch of Satan.
  • Lois Maxwell also portrayed Miss Maxwell in Operation Double 007.
  • Associate producer Reg Hill was also producer for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars and production executive for Cosmic Princess.
  • Composer and music supervisor Barry Gray was also composer and musical director for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars and composer for Cosmic Princess.
  • Cinematographer John Read was also associate producer for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars.
  • Art director Bob Bell was also supervising art director for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars.
  • Puppet supervisor Christine Glanville was also puppet supervisor for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars.
  • Director of special effects Derek Meddings was also director of special effects for Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars and special effects supervisor for The Land That Time Forgot.