Jan in the Pan was a character who first appeared in Episode 513, The Brain That Wouldn't Die. She is a severed head wrapped in gauze and surgical tape and placed in a pan of the secret life-giving serum (referred to as "neck juice" by Mike and the Bots).

In the movie (and while still a whole person), Jan (played by Virginia Leith) is the fiance of the semi-mad doctor/scientist. Dr. Bill Cortner, who created the serum and who accidentally decapitates her during a car accident. Bill retreives Jan's head from the wreckage, and sprints to his isolated laboratory where he joins his deformed assistant, Kurt and together they re-animate Jan's head. When Jan comes to, she is furious at Bill for restoring her to life, saying "He had no right to bring me back to this!" and her signature line "Let me die!" Meanwhile, Bill is seeking a physically appealing woman so that he can give Jan a new body. When Jan's not busy arguing ethics and volleying insults at Kurt, she befriends and learns to telepathically communicate with another captive, an earlier experiment who is securely locked up in a dark room. When Bill finally finds an appropriate body for Jan, she convinces her new freak friend to break out of his locked room, and to kill both Kurt and Bill. The hideous creature then leaves the burning laboratory with the unconscious girl, while Jan laughs maniacally as the laboratory is consumed by flames.


Mary Jo Pehl as "Jan in the Pan"

After the movie, Jan in the Pan (played by Mary Jo Pehl) appears to have a friendly conversation with Mike and the 'Bots. Unlike her depiction in the film, Jan is very friendly and personable with Mike and the bots, claiming her repeated pleas of "Let me die!" were nothing more than a phase she was going through. Jan in the Pan now has a new found respect for life, a loving new husband (Jeffery) and a wonderful job as a door stop. She also has a sense of humor regarding her condition and is able to poke fun at herself. Crow and Servo continue to joke with Jan, until Mike unintentionally offends her.

Jan in the Pan makes another appearance along with many other visitors to the SOL in Episode 614, San Francisco International, where she laugh hysterically at Mike's impersonation of Urkel. She also performs as a stripper at Crow's bachelor party in Episode 616, Racket Girls.

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