Jean-Claude Van Damme (born 1960) is a Belgian martial arts expert, actor, and director best known for various popular martial arts action films, the likes of which include Bloodsport (with Forest Whitaker), Kickboxer, John Woo's Hard Target (with Arnold Vosloo and Lance Henriksen), the Universal Soldier franchise (started by Roland Emmerich), Timecop, Street Fighter: The Movie, Sudden Death (with Powers Boothe) and Maximum Risk.

In August 2012, Van Damme make a theatrical comeback by appearing as the lead villain in The Expendables 2 (with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis). On November 14 of 2013, Van Damme appeared in an ad for Volvo Truck company where he was shown standing between two Volvo trucks supporting only by his feet.

He was mentioned during one of the riffs for Experiment 320 when Crow T. Robot exclaims: "Van Damme AND Van Damme IN Van Damme Yankees!" which parodies the promotional material for the 1991 film Double Impact, in which he portrayed identical twin brothers. He was also mentioned repeatedly in Experiment 1004 due to lead star Daniel Bernhardt's resemblance to the actor.

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