Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up Confidential with Joel Hodgson

Jerry Seinfeld: Stand-Up Confidential (1987) VHS tape cover

Jerry Seinfeld: Stand-Up Confidential is a 1987 made-for-TV comedy special with some skit inserts which was co-written by and starred comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Joel Hodgson. It was directed by Bruce Gowers and produced by George Shapiro and Howard West for Shapiro/West Productions, premiered on HBO premium cable channels and was later made available for home viewing on HBO Home Video.

Box Cover Summary

"He's fast, funny, and notorious for simply being 'cute.' After numerous appearances on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and David Letterman, Seinfeld recently went national with the hottest comic TV series of the summer. Now this one-hour special captures Seinfeld at a comic peak, filmed before a live audience in Los Angeles, introduced by Carl (All of Me) Reiner and intercut with fantasy vignettes that simulate life as seen through a comic's x-ray specs. On dogs, breakfast, cereal, impulse shopping, soap-on-a-rope and the mysteries of the Swiss army knife, Seinfeld offers an hour of live hilarity that'll leave your ribs well tickled.


The box cover feats a review by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper claiming "Seinfeld's a giant hit!"

Joel Hodgson and Jerry Seinfeld in Stand Up Confidential (1987)

Joel Hodgson and Jerry Seinfeld in Stand Up Confidential (1987)

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