John Reynolds as Torgo

John Reynolds (1941–1966) was an actor who is remembered for his portrayal of Torgo in Manos: The Hands of Fate. His appearance in Manos is his sole movie credit.

As Torgo was intended to be a satyr, Reynolds and Tom Neyman designed the rigging that Reynolds wore under his trousers. This rig was made of wire coat hangers and foam. Unfortunately, Reynolds wore it backwards, and no one bothered to correct the mistake. The rig was very painful for Reynolds to wear, and caused permanent damage to his kneecaps. The painful rig also caused Reynolds to become addicted to painkillers. Jackie Neyman Jones - who played Debbie in the film - said she only later realized the reason Reynolds was so much fun on the set was because he was high most of the time.[1]

Tragically, Reynolds committed suicide after production was completed on the film, shortly before the film was released. With the movie being screened on MST3K Reynolds became known to new generations of fans. In 1998 there was an effort to get a star for him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - while the effort failed Reynolds wife was grateful for the effort.

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