MST3k- Godzilla movie Director Jun Fukuda

Jun Fukuda

Jun Fukuda (born in Manshu, Korea on February 17, 1923; passed away in Tokyo, Japan on December 3, 2000) was a Japanese director who joined Toho Co. in 1946. He ventured into the realm of assistant director as others like Hiroshi Inagaki took the young man under their wings on successful films such as the kaiju film Rodan and Samurai trilogy (1954–56). By 1959, Fukuda began a career as a full-fledged director. His early work slanted more toward mystery, but he began to expand into more comedic work by the mid-1960s, with movies such as 1965's Iron Finger. It was around this time that Fukuda was approached and given the opportunity to direct a movie in the Godzilla series, five of which he would ultimately helm. By the director's request, Akira Ifukube was bypassed for the production in favor of Masaru Sato, a composer with whom Fukuda was more familiar. Fukuda would go on to direct entries in Toho's popular Young Guy series and Konto 55, however he would be best known for his Godzilla work and would later in his career become the "go to" director for special effects productions after Ishiro Honda stepped out of the limelight.

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