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Kathryn Janeway is the main character of the TV series Star Trek: Voyager. She was played by Kate Mulgrew.

Janeway was the captain of the starship Voyager, and was responsible for leading her crew back to Earth after the ship became stranded thousands of light-years away.

In Experiment #706 (Laserblast) Mike Nelson adopted the persona (and appearance) of Captain Janeway in order to steer the Satellite of Love out of harm's way after Dr. Forrester unplugged the link between the Satellite and Deep 13. Tom and Crow observed that Mike seemed more poised and confident as Janeway.

Mike managed to secure the safety of the SOL, but soon disturbed the Bots by bursting into song.


  • Mike's decision to adopt Janeway's mentality may have been inspired by his encounter with MONAD (another Star Trek-derived character) earlier in the same experiment.
  • Janeway is one of several alternate identities that Mike adopted throughout the course of his time on the SOL, along with Carol Channing and James Lipton (and others). These were typically the result of some extreme psychosis or head injury from which Mike was suffering. In this case, it's not clear if Mike actually thought he WAS Janeway, or if he was simply doing an elaborate imitation (such as with Urkel or Rick Wakeman).
  • For connections between the Trek universe and MST3K, see the Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha.
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