For the episode, see MST3K 1205 - Killer Fish.

Killer Fish is 1979 suspense/horror film directed by Antonio Margheritti.


In Brazil, a team of thieves steals a cache of valuable jewels and hides them at the bottom of a reservoir until they can be retrieved without attracting the attention of the authorities. Unbeknownst to the thieves, the mastermind of the robbery has stocked the reservoir with deadly piranha in order to prevent any of the team from betraying him by retrieving the stolen gems without him.

Complications ensue as the thieves' loyalties are challenged. A photography crew (including a glamorous young model) becomes embroiled in the scheme as well.



  • The trailer for Season 12 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (released on November 12th, 2018) revealed that Killer Fish would be one of the films riffed.[1]
  • Lee Majors' company Fawcett-Majors Productions co-produced this film. Majors was married to actress Farrah Fawcett (of Charlie's Angels) at the time.
  • Actress Margaux Hemingway was the granddaughter of acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway and the sister of actress Mariel Hemingway.
  • Financier Sir Lew Grade was also a producer of The Muppet Show and the first two subsequent Muppet films.


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