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Appearing in City Limits.

Kim Cattrall (born 1956) is a British-Canadian actress best known for her role as Samantha on the HBO television series Sex and the City (and the subsequent films). She also appeared in movies such as Porky's, Police Academy and Mannequin.


During Experiment #403 - City Limits, Crow T. Robot became enamored of Cattrall, penning and performing the song "Oh, Kim Cattrall" in her honor. (Although he would later put her aside in favor of Estelle Winwood.)

When Dr. Laurence Erhardt made a surprise visit to Moon 13 during Experiment #1204 - The Day Time Ended, he revealed to Kinga Forrester that Kim Cattrall was her mother. Kinga's father, Dr. Clayton Forrester, had tried to convince Cattrall to give up show business and join him in mad science, but she could not be convinced.


  • Kim Catrall is, of course, a real-life professional actress, one of the few real world individuals to be portrayed as part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 storyline.
  • In 1996, Cattrall later appeared as a special guest at ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  • Cattrall's in-universe status as the mother of Kinga Forrester is likely a reference to Crow's obsession with the actress. Both Crow and Kinga's father, Dr. Clayton Forrester were portrayed by the same actor, Trace Beaulieu.

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