The Kitten with a Whip (played by Kevin Murphy) briefly contacted the Satellite of Love via the Hexfield Viewscreen during Experiment #615 Kitten with a Whip. The Kitten's purpose was unclear, as he found himself distracted and unable to concentrate.

Later, the Kitten joined the other guests who had been invited to Thanksgiving dinner in Deep 13 by TV's Frank. The Kitten had an avuncular demeanor, but lacked social graces. The Kitten was incapacitated by Pearl Forrester's "Turkey Surprise" along with several of the other guests, though he was still seen to be moving slightly.


  • In Experiment #615, the Kitten has a cat o' nine tails, which is a type of whip.
  • According to the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Kevin Murphy was extremely resistant to the idea of playing the kitten and had to be convinced. Quote: "They made me do it, that's all I have to say.

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