Lana Clarkson (1962-2003) was an American actress. In addition to her work as a performer, she was also a prominent member of the charitable organization Project Angel Food, which provided meals to people suffering from AIDS during the 1980s when that illness was heavily stigmatized.

In 2003, Ms. Clarkson died as a result of a gunshot wound she suffered while in the home of record producer Phil Spector. Spector was convicted of murdering Clarkson, though he maintained that her death was accidental.

Riffed Movies


  • Ms. Clarkson appeared in several sword & sorcery films, including Barbarian Queen (1985), which was directed by Héctor Olivera (who also directed Wizards of the Lost Kingdom). Clarkson's character name in Barbarian Queen was Amethea, and some battle scenes from Barbarian Queen were re-used in Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II. They are not intended to be the same character.
  • Clarkson appeared in Barbarian Queen II, playing a character named Athalia.
  • Clarkson starred in Deathstalker, which was announced as one of the films to be used in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live 30th Anniversary Tour, but it was replaced with Deathstalker II (in which she does not appear).
  • Clarkson had a featured role in the eponymous segments of the comedy film Amazon Women on the Moon, which parodied the type of poorly-made sci-fi films that were often used on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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