This page contains a list of all full episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The episode number ("Ep.") follows the traditional format of [[Season #]]+[[Production number]]. The count ("#") is the official count of MST3K episodes first referenced in Episode #1103 (Season 11, 3rd episode), which was declared the 200th episode of MST3K. The episode numbers used in the Gizmoplex follow this count. This removes the original pilot, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie and the special Turkey Day version of #701 from the official count.

Original airdates for most episodes are confirmed, but episodes from Season K and Season 1 are not as reliable and are based on the best available sources.

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Season KTMA (1988-1989)[]

This season originally aired on KTMA.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
0 K00 The Green Slime (unaired) none 0000
A space station is invaded by creatures made of green slime.

Unaired pilot created in September 1988. Joel Hodgson's first appearance as Joel. Trace Beaulieu's first appearance as Crow T. Robot. Josh Weinstein's first and only appearance as Beeper, and also his first appearance as Gypsy.
1 K01 Invaders from the Deep November 24, 1988 Digital 0001
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV show Stingray.
Capt. Troy Tempest experiences a number of undersea adventures.

Joel Hodgson's first televised appearance as Joel. Josh Weinstein's first (and only full) appearance as Crow and first televised appearance as Gypsy.
2 K02 Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars November 24, 1988 Digital 0002
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV show Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
Capt. Scarlet and his crew do battle with the Mysterons from Mars.

Josh Weinstein's first appearance as Servo. Trace Beaulieu's first televised appearance as Crow T. Robot.
3 K03 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II November 27, 1988 none 0003
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV Show Star Wolf.
Ken, Captain Joe, and the rest of the Backus-3 crew return for more adventures in space.

No fan copies are known to exist. Jim Mallon has stated that a master tape of this episode exists, but one has yet to surface. Film re-used in Episode #318.
4 K04 Gamera vs Barugon December 4, 1988 none 0004
A group of treasure seekers finds a rare ruby, only to find the ruby is actually an egg that holds the horrific monster Barugon. Gamera must take on the monster.

Film re-used in Episode #304.
5 K05 Gamera December 11, 1988 none 0005
A giant, flying, fire-breathing turtle, thawed from his prehistoric frozen slumber, attacks Japan. He is befriended by a young boy who convinces the authorities, unable to destroy the beast, to seek a non-violent solution..

Film re-used in Episode #302.
6 K06 Gamera vs Gaos December 18, 1988 none 0006
Gamera takes on a vaguely bat-like monster awakened by a group of Japanese developers.

Servo becomes known as Tom Servo. Film re-used in Episode #308.
7 K07 Gamera vs Zigra December 31, 1988 none 0007
Gamera braves death to valiantly battle a group of evil aliens who want to take over the planet.

Trace Beaulieu's first (non-opening credit) appearance as Dr. Clayton Forrester. Josh Weinstein's first (non-opening credit) appearance as Dr. Laurence Erhardt. Film re-used in Episode #316.
8 K08 Gamera vs Guiron January 8, 1989 none 0008
Two young boys are kidnapped by malevolent aliens from a dying planet. Gamera travels to the planet to save the boys and defeat the aliens.

Film re-used in Episode #312.
9 K09 Phase IV January 15, 1989 none 0009
An astronomical event endows an ant colony in the Arizona desert with sentience. Two scientists are sent to investigate.
10 K10 Cosmic Princess January 22, 1989 none 0010
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV show Space: 1999.
Adventures of the crew of Moonbase Alpha as they travel through space on the Moon, which has been torn from its orbit around Earth.
11 K11 Humanoid Woman January 29, 1989 none 0011
In the future, a clone is rescued from space, lives on Earth for a while, then leads her friends to her polluted and desperate homeworld.
12 K12 Fugitive Alien February 5, 1989 none 0012
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV Show Star Wolf.
Alien marauder Ken becomes a fugitive from his home planet, then joins the Earth spaceship Bacchus 3 to fight against his former masters. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Rita is sent with a deadly mission.

Film re-used in Episode #310.
13 K13 SST- Death Flight February 19, 1989 none 0013
Aboard the maiden transatlantic flight of a supersonic plane, mechanical problems and a killer virus cause a crisis for an all-star cast.
14 K14 Mighty Jack March 5, 1989 none 0014
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV Show Mighty Jack.
An evil organization named Q tries to take over the world, and the world's only hope is the secret organization, Mighty Jack.

Film re-used in Episode #314.
15 K15 Superdome March 12, 1989 none 0015
Multiple personal dramas intersect in New Orleans at the site of the Super Bowl.
16 K16 City on Fire March 19, 1989 none 0016
A disgruntled former refinery worker starts a city-wide conflagration.
17 K17 Time of the Apes April 2, 1989 none 0017
Compilation film assembled from episodes of the TV Show Saru no Gundan.
A trio of young people take refuge in cryogenic capsules during an earthquake and awaken in a world populated by intelligent apes.

Film re-used in Episode #306.
18 K18 The Million Eyes of Sumuru May 7, 1989 none 0018
A CIA agent and his celebrity friend are tasked with stopping a female supervillain’s plans to take over the world.

Josh Weinstein's final appearance as Gypsy. Film re-used in Episode #1309.
19 K19 Hangar 18 May 14, 1989 none 0019
When the goverment covers up a shuttle collision with a UFO, the surviving shuttle crew attempt to reveal the truth.
20 K20 The Last Chase May 21, 1989 none 0020
An ex-racecar driver in a fuelless and fascist post-apocalyptic future uses his secretly stored racecar to flee to California.
21 K21 The "Legend of Dinosaurs" May 28, 1989 none 0021

A plesiosaur is discovered living in a lake near Mount Fuji, then volcanic activity awakens still more prehistoric creatures.

Season 1 (1989-1990)[]

This season originally aired on The Comedy Channel.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
22 101 The Crawling Eye November 25, 1989 DVD, Digital 0101
A remote Alpine village is attacked by an army of one-eyed, tentacled beasts from outer space.

Jim Mallon's first appearance as Gypsy.
23 102 The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter One: Moon Rocket
November 18, 1989 DVD, Digital 0102
Short: Commando Cody is sent to the Moon to investigate the source of the sabotage being conducted on America's energy infrastructure.
Movie: The wicked Dr. Krupp creates a robot to defeat the Aztec mummy Popoca and steal the treasure from the mummy's crypt.
24 103 The Mad Monster
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Two: Molten Terror
December 2, 1989 DVD, Digital 0103
A mad scientist succeeds in turning his assistant into a werewolf, proceeding to send the wolfman to kill those who ridiculed his work.
25 104 Women of the Prehistoric Planet February 10, 1990 DVD, Digital 0104
After a mutiny causes a spaceship to crash on a prehistoric world, its companion ship lands to search for any survivors.

Despite the production number, this was the last episode recorded for season 1.
26 105 The Corpse Vanishes
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Three: Bridge of Death
December 9, 1989 DVD, Digital 0105
An evil horticulturist poisons brides at the altar with a mysterious orchid, using fluid from their glands to keep his octogenarian wife young.

This is the oldest feature film to be MSTied.
27 106 The Crawling Hand December 16, 1989 VHS, DVD, Digital 0106
The severed hand of a dead astronaut begins to induce a naive young med student to murder.

Jann L. Johnson's first appearance as Magic Voice.
28 107 Robot Monster
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Four: Flight to Destruction
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Five: Murder Car
December 23, 1989 DVD, Digital 0107
The last people on Earth are terrorized by a robot.
29 108 The Slime People
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Six: Hills of Death
December 30, 1989 DVD, Digital 0108
A sportscaster/pilot flies into Los Angeles and finds it deserted. He soon learns that reptilian monsters from beneath the Earth have conquered the city. With the help of a scientist, his two daughters, and a marine, he mounts a counter-offensive.
30 109 Project Moon Base
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Seven: Camouflaged Destruction
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Eight: The Enemy Planet
January 6, 1990 DVD, Digital 0109
In the far future—1970—the U.S. space program plans its first flight around the moon, but a commie spy plans sabotage.
31 110 Robot Holocaust
Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Nine: Battle in the Stratosphere
January 13, 1990 DVD, Digital 0110
In a post-apocalyptic future that looks a lot like Central Park, the cruel Valeria is the chief henchwoman of the all-powerful Dark One. But a ragtag band of rebels is determined to overthrow them.
32 111 Moon Zero Two January 20, 1990 DVD, Digital 0111
In this space Western, the first man on Mars now runs a ship for hire business on the Moon, encountering claim jumping and murder.
33 112 Untamed Youth January 27, 1990 DVD, Digital 0112
A pair of sisters is arrested for hitchhiking and sentenced to work in a harsh labor camp.
34 113 The Black Scorpion February 3, 1990 DVD, Digital 0113
A giant scorpion rampages through Mexico.

Josh Weinstein's final regular appearances as Dr. Laurence Erhardt and Tom Servo. Jann L. Johnson's final appearance as Magic Voice.

Season 2 (1990-1991)[]

This season originally aired on The Comedy Channel.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
35 201 Rocketship X-M September 22, 1990 none 0201
A spaceship sent to the moon encounters constant danger and eventually is knocked off-course to Mars.

Frank Conniff's first appearance as TV's Frank. Kevin Murphy's first appearance as Tom Servo.
36 202 The Side Hackers September 29, 1990 VHS, DVD, Digital 0202
A competitor in a new motorcycle "sport" called sidehacking pursues the man who raped and murdered his girlfriend.
37 203 Jungle Goddess
The Phantom Creeps, Chapter One: The Menacing Power
October 6, 1990 DVD, Digital 0203
Two opportunistic pilots, hearing of a reward for finding the missing daughter of a wealthy man, seek her out and find her in the jungle, ruling as a queen over a native tribe.
38 204 Catalina Caper October 13, 1990 VHS, DVD, Digital 0204
Bopping teens at the beach try to retrieve a stolen scroll.
39 205 Rocket Attack U.S.A.
The Phantom Creeps, Chapter Two: Death Stalks the Highway
October 27, 1990 DVD, Digital 0205
The U.S. sends spies to the Soviet Union to learn about an imminent missile attack while trying to play catch-up with its own missile program. But failure on both fronts leads to a terrible conclusion.

The first episode to feature a stinger.
40 206 Ring of Terror
The Phantom Creeps, Chapter Three: Crashing Timbers
November 3, 1990 DVD, Digital 0206

A seemingly fearless college kid must perform a ghastly task to be accepted into a fraternity.

This is the only episode in which the short is shown after the feature.

41 207 Wild Rebels November 17, 1990 DVD, Digital 0207
A stock-car racer is asked to go undercover in a gang of crooks who are terrorizing Florida with a series of bank robberies.
42 208 Lost Continent November 24, 1990 DVD, Digital 0208
A group of men searching for a missing rocket ship instead finds an island populated by dinosaurs and one cute native girl.
43 209 The Hellcats December 8, 1990 VHS, DVD, Digital 0209
The brother and girlfriend of a murdered detective infiltrate a gang of hoodlums and druggies to get to the bottom of his death.
44 210 King Dinosaur
X Marks the Spot
December 22, 1990 DVD, Digital 0210
In X Marks the Spot, Americans are encouraged to help the war effort by not killing themselves in car accidents. King Dinosaur finds a group of astronauts who are sent to explore and colonize a newly discovered planet, only to find it covered in giant lizards.
45 211 First Spaceship on Venus December 29, 1990 DVD, Digital 0211
An international crew is sent to Venus to examine a mysterious artifact.
46 212 Godzilla vs. Megalon January 19, 1991 DVD 0212
The magically size-changing robot Jet Jaguar tries to defend Japan from Megalon, then calls in Godzilla for help.
47 213 Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster February 2, 1991 none 0213
Godzilla and Mothra take on a giant crustacean named Ebirah.

Season 3 (1991-1992)[]

This season originally aired on Comedy Central.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
48 301 Cave Dwellers June 1, 1991 VHS, DVD, Digital 0301
A barbarian named Ator battles samurai, cavemen, etc. in his struggle to keep a devastating weapon called the "Geometric Nucleus" out of the wrong hands.
49 302 Gamera June 8, 1991 DVD, Digital 0302
A giant, flying, fire-breathing turtle who had been frozen from a prehistoric time attacks Japan. However, a troubled schoolboy, who has been fascinated by turtles, develops a brief bond with the prehistoric turtle, since this creature seems to have a connection with children who are in great peril. It will be impossible for military forces to successfully destroy the turtle for good.
50 303 Pod People June 15, 1991 VHS, DVD, Digital 0303
A weird little boy befriends an alien named Trumpy, while other members of Trumpy's species kill random people.
51 304 Gamera vs Barugon June 22, 1991 DVD, Digital 0304
A group of treasure seekers finds a rare ruby, only to find the ruby is actually an egg that holds the horrific monster Barugon. Fortunately for mankind...Gamera is on their side!
52 305 Stranded in Space June 29, 1991 DVD 0305
An astronaut is lost in a strange parallel world on the other side of the sun, but it's not so strange that people don't still drive huge Plymouth sedans.
53 306 Time of the Apes July 13, 1991 DVD, Digital 0306
A bratty little Japanese boy named Johnny finds himself in a world ruled by damn dirty apes!
54 307 Daddy-O
Alphabet Antics
July 20, 1991 DVD, Digital 0307
In Alphabet Antics, children learn the alphabet by way of surreal rhymes. In Daddy-O, a singing truck driver loses his license and takes a job at a nightclub, where he is unknowingly helping a group of drug smugglers.
55 308 Gamera vs Gaos July 27, 1991 DVD, Digital 0308
Gamera takes on a vaguely bat-like monster awakened by a group of Japanese developers.
56 309 The Amazing Colossal Man August 3, 1991 VHS 0309
Colonel Glenn Manning, possibly due to a sin he committed in a single lifetime, becomes fifty feet tall!
57 310 Fugitive Alien August 17, 1991 DVD, Digital 0310
An extraterrestrial soldier defects to Earth's side during an invasion.
58 311 It Conquered the World
The Sport Parade: Snow Thrills
August 24, 1991 none 0311
Snow Thrills features people finding new ways to injure themselves in below-freezing temperatures. In It Conquered the World, a renegade scientist helps a cucumber-esque alien take over the world with bat-like mind-control devices.
59 312 Gamera vs Guiron September 7, 1991 DVD, Digital 0312
Two young boys board a spaceship which takes them to a dying planet, where the lone two alien survivors hope to use the kids to escape and travel to Earth. Unfortunately for the aliens, Gamera has been following the children in an effort to protect them...
60 313 Earth vs the Spider
Speech: Using Your Voice
September 14, 1991 DVD, Digital 0313
In Speech: Using Your Voice, a man with a wire rack teaches viewers how to be a more interesting speaker. Earth vs the Spider features a girl searching for her missing father who stumbles upon a giant spider that threatens her nearby hometown.
61 314 Mighty Jack September 21, 1991 DVD, Digital 0314
An evil organization named Q tries to take over the world, and the world's only hope is the secret organization, Mighty Jack.
62 315 Teenage Cave Man
Aquatic Wizards
Catching Trouble
November 9, 1991 DVD 0315
Aquatic Wizards is all about water-skiing while Catching Trouble is all about doing horrible things to wildlife in the name of conquering nature. In Teenage Caveman, an old-looking teenage caveman dares break the law of his elders to explore the world around him and finds a horrific creature in the jungles.
63 316 Gamera vs Zigra October 19, 1991 DVD, Digital 0316
Gamera braves death to valiantly battle a group of evil aliens who want to take over the planet.
64 317 The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent
The Home Economics Story
October 26, 1991 DVD 0317
A group of Viking women set off in search of the men from their village, and find them in the hands of barbarians who use the captured men as slave labor.
65 318 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II November 16, 1991 DVD, Digital 0318
Ken, Captain Joe, and the rest of the Bacchus-3 crew return for more adventures in space.
66 319 War of the Colossal Beast
Mr. B Natural
November 30, 1991 DVD 0319
In Mr. B Natural, a gender-bending supernatural being introduces a young boy to the joys of Conn(TM) brand musical instruments. In War of the Colossal Beast, Glenn is still fifty feet tall!
67 320 The Unearthly
Posture Pals
Appreciating Our Parents
December 14, 1991 VHS, DVD, Digital 0320
A mad scientist uses patients he treats for "depression" in crazed experiments to find eternal youth.
68 321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians December 21, 1991 DVD, Digital 0321
Jolly old St. Nick is abducted by Martians who find the whole "Christmas" thing kind of annoying.
69 322 Master Ninja I January 11, 1992 DVD, Digital 0322
An aging "Occidental American" ninja and his unlikable sidekick fight to save a small airport from a ruthless land developer.
70 323 The Castle of Fu Manchu January 18, 1992 DVD, Digital 0323
Fu Manchu tries to take over the world using a water-freezing chemical.
71 324 Master Ninja II January 25, 1992 DVD, Digital 0324
The Master Ninja and his grating sidekick return to help the workers of the world unite.

Season 4 (1992-1993)[]

This season originally aired on Comedy Central.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
72 401 Space Travelers June 6, 1992 DVD 0401
Three astronauts are stranded in space and one of their friends tries to rescue them.
73 402 The Giant Gila Monster June 13, 1992 DVD, Digital 0402
A giant Gila monster terrorizes a tiny Texas town that seems obsessed with putting their legs up on everything.
74 403 City Limits June 20, 1992 DVD 0403
In a post-apocalyptic future (is there any other kind?), a group of teenagers attempts to wrest control of a city from an evil corporation.
75 404 Teenagers from Outer Space June 27, 1992 DVD, Digital 0404
Long-in-the-tooth teenagers arrive to conquer Earth, only to have one of their number turn against them when he falls for one of the natives.
76 405 Being from Another Planet July 4, 1992 DVD 0405
An alien found in an ancient Egyptian tomb awakens from suspended animation and terrorizes a college campus.
77 406 Attack of the Giant Leeches
Undersea Kingdom, Chapter One: Beneath the Ocean Floor
July 18, 1992 DVD, Digital 0406
In Undersea Kingdom, "Crash" Corrigan sets out on a mission below the sea. In Attack of the Giant Leeches, mutant leeches kidnap the locals of a small town to suck their blood.
78 407 The Killer Shrews
Junior Rodeo Daredevils
July 25, 1992 DVD, Digital 0407
In Junior Rodeo Daredevils, "old-timer Billy Slater" encourages children to torment animals and endanger themselves for the amusement of others. In The Killer Shrews, an island is terrorized by dogs wearing masks giant killer shrews.
79 408 Hercules Unchained August 1, 1992 DVD, Digital 0408
Hercules attempts to save the city of Thebes, much to the (dis)pleasure of the queen who wants both him and the city for herself.
80 409 Indestructible Man
Undersea Kingdom, Chapter Two: The Undersea City
August 15, 1992 DVD, Digital 0409
A criminal executed by electrocution is brought back to life by a mad scientist and goes on a revenge spree.
81 410 Hercules Against the Moon Men August 22, 1992 DVD, Digital 0410
Hercules attempts to free a kingdom from an evil queen secretly under the control of some weird guys from the moon.
82 411 The Magic Sword August 29, 1992 DVD, Digital 0411
Princess Helene is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer to be fed to his dragon, and the only person who can save her is a rival sorceress' son named George and some vaguely-accented knights.
83 412 Hercules and the Captive Women September 12, 1992 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 0412
Hercules goes on yet another adventure, this time to Atlantis.
84 413 Manhunt in Space
General Hospital (segment 1)
September 19, 1992 DVD, Digital 0413
Space hero Rocky Jones and his space sidekick Winky go after space pirates with a terrifying new space invention.
85 414 Tormented September 26, 1992 DVD, Digital 0414
A murderer is haunted by ghostly visions of his victim.
86 415 The Beatniks
General Hospital (segment 2)
November 25, 1992 DVD, Digital 0415
A minor thug gets his big break thanks to his golden voice, only to be brought down by his fellow gang members who feel left behind.

Premiered on Turkey Day '92.
87 416 Fire Maidens of Outer Space November 26, 1992 none 0416
A team of astronauts discovers a boring society of Atlantean slave girls on the boring thirteenth moon of Jupiter.

Premiered on Turkey Day '92.
88 417 Crash of Moons
General Hospital (segment 3)
November 28, 1992 DVD, Digital 0417
Rocky Jones returns to save a planet from a collision with a moon.
89 418 Attack of the the Eye Creatures December 5, 1992 none 0418
A flying saucer deposits evil eye creatures that attack the local population, and it is up to a group of teens and the incompetent U.S. Army to stop them.
90 419 The Rebel Set
Johnny at the Fair
December 12, 1992 DVD, Digital 0419
Three small-time crooks are hired by a criminal mastermind to participate in an armed car robbery.
91 420 The Human Duplicators December 26, 1992 DVD 0420
An alien mind-controls a great scientist into creating human clones that can be used to re-populate the Earth.
92 421 Monster A-Go Go
Circus on Ice
January 9, 1993 DVD, Digital 0421
In Circus on Ice, the Toronto Skating Club bores people using a circus theme. In Monster A-Go Go, an astronaut crashes, and a mutant who attacks people in a nearby town appears soon after. Related? Probably not.
93 422 The Day the Earth Froze
Here Comes the Circus
January 16, 1993 DVD, Digital 0422
Based on the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, a young man attempts to rescue his beloved from an evil witch and breaks his people's sacred treasure. Oops.
94 423 Bride of the Monster
Hired! Part I
January 23, 1993 DVD, Digital 0423
A mad scientist tampers in God's domain.
95 424 "Manos" The Hands of Fate
Hired! Part II
January 30, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0424
A vacationing family stumbles across the lair of a polygamous demon worshiper and his extremely knobby-kneed henchman.

Season 5 (1993-1994)[]

This season originally aired on Comedy Central.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
96 501 Warrior of the Lost World July 24, 1993 DVD, Digital 0501
A Mad Max wannabe with a KITT-wannabe motorcycle tries to rescue a scientist and his daughter from a fascist regime.
97 502 Hercules July 17, 1993 DVD, Digital 0502
Hercules helps his friend Jason out on a quest for the Golden Fleece.
98 503 Swamp Diamonds
What to Do on a Date
July 31, 1993 DVD, Digital 0503
In What to Do on a Date, a nervous teen wants to find a good place to take his date and ends up at a rummage sale. In Swamp Diamonds, an undercover policewoman becomes part of a gang of female crooks who escape from prison and seek the diamonds their boyfriends buried in a swamp.
99 504 Secret Agent Super Dragon August 7, 1993 DVD, Digital 0504
A suave secret agent investigates a case involving drugged chewing gum that is linked to an international gang of villains.
100 505 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad August 14, 1993 DVD, Digital 0505
Sinbad returns from his famous voyage finds the people of his city poor and unhappy and leaves again seeking the Bluebird of Happiness for them.
101 506 Eegah August 28, 1993 VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 0506
A teeny-bopper, her archeologist father, and her weirdly-faced boyfriend stumble upon the last surviving caveman deep in the California desert.
102 507 I Accuse My Parents
The Truck Farmer (Second Edition)
September 4, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0507
The Truck Farmer shows how produce is grown year-round in the warmer climates and shipped to cooler regions. In I Accuse My Parents, a young man on trial for manslaughter tells of his rise and fall and blames it on his neglectful, alcoholic parents.

Joel Hodgson's favorite episode.

103 508 Operation Double 007 September 11, 1993 DVD, Digital 0508
The brother of "our top agent" thwarts a supervillain.
104 509 The Girl in Lovers Lane September 18, 1993 DVD, Digital 0509
A whiny runaway is befriended by a world-weary vagrant, Bix Dugan. When Bix falls for a beautiful girl in a small town, trouble follows.
105 510 The Painted Hills
Body Care and Grooming
September 26, 1993 DVD, Digital 0510
Body Care and Grooming seek to teach college co-eds good grooming habits, while in The Painted Hills, Lassie seeks revenge for the murder of her own by his double-crossing, gold-seeking partner.
106 511 Gunslinger October 9, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0511
The widow of a murdered sheriff attempts to clean up the crime in her small town with help from the man hired to kill her.
107 512 Mitchell October 23, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0512
A fat, drunken lout of a cop pisses off his superiors while trying to bring a mob kingpin to justice.

Joel Hodgson's final regular appearance as Joel Robinson. Michael J. Nelson's first appearance as Mike Nelson.
108 513 The Brain That Wouldn't Die October 30, 1993 VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 0513
A scientist manages to keep his girlfriend's head alive after she's decapitated in a car crash.
109 514 Teen-Age Strangler
Is This Love?
November 7, 1993 DVD 0514
A juvenile delinquent is accused of stealing a bike and being a serial killer.
110 515 The Wild Wild World of Batwoman
Discussion Problems in Group Living: Cheating
November 13, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0515
A woman with a gang of dancing girls at her command attempts to save the world from an evil scientist.
111 516 Alien from L.A. November 20, 1993 DVD, Digital 0516
A whiny teenage nerd searches for her father in a weird underground civilization.
112 517 Beginning of the End November 25, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0517
Giant grasshoppers created by radiation rampage through the countryside.

Premiered on Turkey Day '93.
113 518 The Atomic Brain
Discussion Problems in Group Living: What About Juvenile Delinquency
December 4, 1993 VHS, DVD, Digital 0518
In What About Juvenile Delinquency? a would-be gang member turns stool pigeon when his father is beaten in a pencil robbery. In The Atomic Brain, an aged socialite attempts to have her brain placed in the body of a beautiful successor.
114 519 Outlaw December 11, 1993 DVD, Digital 0519
A college professor and his annoying buddy return to the planet Gor to battle an evil queen.

Won the 1993 Peabody Award for Outstanding Quality Programming.
115 520 Radar Secret Service
Last Clear Chance
December 18, 1993 DVD, Digital 0520
In Last Clear Chance, a local cop visits a family to give the son advice on driving. He doesn't listen. Radar Secret Service follows government agents who use the incredible power of radar to track down some crooks dealing in black market atomic gear.
116 521 Santa Claus December 24, 1993 DVD, Digital 0521
Santa engages in a cosmic struggle with a demon named Pitch over the soul of a little Mexican girl named Lupita.
117 522 Teen-Age Crime Wave January 15, 1994 DVD 0522
A girl falsely accused of a crime escapes from juvenile hall and with help from another delinquent girl and the girl's boyfriend. Holed up at a farmhouse while waiting for a contact, the delinquent and her boyfriend terrorize the family and their unwilling accomplice.
118 523 Village of the Giants January 22, 1994 DVD, Digital 0523
Rowdy teens become giants and overthrow their elders after ingesting a growth formula accidentally invented by the town child prodigy.
119 524 12 to the Moon
Design for Dreaming
February 5, 1994 DVD 0524
In Design for Dreaming, a masked weirdo takes a singing housewife on a surreal journey through the glorious future that General Motors promises us all. In 12 to the Moon, a multinational team of astronauts embarks on a moon mission.

Season 6 (1994-1995)[]

This season originally aired on Comedy Central.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
120 601 Girls Town July 16, 1994 DVD 0601
A female juvenile delinquent is placed in an orphanage after being scapegoated for the death of an attempted rapist.
121 602 Invasion USA
A Date with Your Family
July 23, 1994 DVD 0602
A Date with Your Family teaches all families to suppress their emotions at the dinner table. Invasion USA focuses on a group of people who become involved in plans to stop a Communist invasion.
122 603 The Dead Talk Back
The Selling Wizard
July 30, 1994 DVD 0603
In The Selling Wizard, an unseen narrator and a mute "Pizza Dominatrix" explain the benefits of freezer cases to grocery-store owners. In The Dead Talk Back, a crackpot "scientist" invents the machine that can supposedly communicate with the dead and uses it to help solve a murder.
123 604 Zombie Nightmare November 24, 1994 DVD, Digital 0604
After a musclebound softball player is killed in a hit-and-run by teenage metalheads, he rises from the dead seeking revenge.

Premiered on Turkey Day '94.
124 605 Colossus and the Headhunters August 20, 1994 DVD 0605
A muscular ancient Greek hero (who might be Hercules' son or something like that) rescues a princess from barbarians.
125 606 The Creeping Terror September 17, 1994 VHS, DVD 0606
A shag carpet monster terrorizes a town where people don't seem to be very talkative.
126 607 Bloodlust!
Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm
September 3, 1994 VHS, DVD 0607
A group of college students finds themselves trapped in a Most Dangerous Game ripoff.

Mary Jo Pehl's first guest appearance as Pearl Forrester.
127 608 Code Name: Diamond Head
A Day at the Fair
October 1, 1994 DVD, Digital 0608
In A Day at the Fair, a family competes in events at the fair while enjoying the rides and food. In Code Name: Diamond Head, a Hawaiian spy attempts to stop a dangerous chemical capable of destroying all life from being stolen.
128 609 The Skydivers
Why Study Industrial Arts
August 27, 1994 VHS, DVD 0609
In Why Study Industrial Arts, a young man gets a little too familiar with shop tools. The Skydivers features conspiracy and adultery at a small skydiving school.
129 610 The Violent Years
Young Man's Fancy
October 8, 1994 DVD, Digital 0610
In Young Man's Fancy, a girl learns how household appliances can help her nab a man. In The Violent Years, a neglected socialite heads an all-girl gang who go on a violent crime spree.
130 611 Last of the Wild Horses October 15, 1994 DVD, Digital 0611
A herd of wild horses causes a rivalry between two ranches to spiral out of control.
131 612 The Starfighters October 29, 1994 DVD, Digital 0612
A young Air Force pilot tries to prove his worth while engaging in disturbingly Freudian acts of mid-air refueling.
132 613 The Sinister Urge
Keeping Clean and Neat
November 5, 1994 DVD 0613
A detective tries to link a series of murders to a "smut-picture racket".
133 614 San Francisco International November 19, 1994 DVD 0614
The administrators of San Francisco International Airport deal with both a well-organized gang of robbers and a sullen teenage boy.
134 615 Kitten with a Whip November 23, 1994 DVD, Digital 0615
A delinquent girl escapes from prison and ends up hiding out with a politician up for re-election.

Premiered on Turkey Day '94.
135 616 Racket Girls
Are You Ready for Marriage?
November 26, 1994 DVD, Digital 0616
Are You Ready for Marriage? features a young couple who learn how love is like a rubber band. Racket Girls revolves around a stable of female wrestlers who serve as the front for a crime racket.
136 617 The Sword and the Dragon December 3, 1994 DVD, Digital 0617
Russian hero Ilya Morometz uses his magic sword to defeat the army of a brutal warlord.
137 618 High School Big Shot
Out of this World
December 10, 1994 DVD 0618
In Out of this World, an angel and a demon vie to influence a bread deliveryman. In High School Big Shot, a desperate teenager gets mixed up with gangsters.
138 619 Red Zone Cuba
Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance
December 17, 1994 VHS, DVD, Digital 0619
In Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance, viewers learn how the knee test can help you look really weird regardless of what you say. In Red Zone Cuba, three losers join the Bay of Pigs invasion as mercenaries, then return to the States and flee the authorities.
139 620 Danger!! Death Ray January 7, 1995 DVD, Digital 0620
A secret agent tries to track down a stolen death ray being used to threaten the world.
140 621 The Beast of Yucca Flats
Money Talks!
Progress Island U.S.A.
January 21, 1995 DVD, Digital 0621
In Money Talks!, a shadowy Ben Franklin teaches a young man the benefits of saving, while Progress Island U.S.A. invites one and all to Puerto Rico. The Beast of Yucca Flats features a scientist who transforms himself into a monster and terrorizes desert locals.
141 622 Angels Revenge March 11, 1995 VHS, DVD 0622
Seven buxom beauties form a paramilitary vigilante squad to shut down a drug ring.
142 623 The Amazing Transparent Man
The Days of Our Years
March 18, 1995 DVD 0623
A thief uses a new invention to turn invisible and commit a crime, only to discover the radiation has some strange side effects.
143 624 Samson vs. the Vampire Women March 25, 1995 DVD, Digital 0624
Masked wrestler El Santo (referred to here as "Samson") guards a young woman from a cult of female vampires.

Frank Conniff's final regular appearance as TV's Frank.

The Movie (1996)[]

This film was released in movie theaters.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
- MST3K:TM This Island Earth April 19, 1996 VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 0700
Aliens abduct a group of Earth scientists in an effort to stop their planet from being destroyed by invaders.

Season 7 (1995-1996)[]

This season originally aired on Comedy Central.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
144.1 701T Night of the Blood Beast
Once Upon a Honeymoon
November 23, 1995 DVD 0701
An astronaut thought to be dead is revived, only to find out he is carrying alien embryos.

Mary Jo Pehl's first regular appearance as Pearl Forrester. Premiered on Turkey Day '95 with special Turkey Day host segments.
144.2 701 Night of the Blood Beast
Once Upon a Honeymoon
February 3, 1996 DVD, Digital 0701
An astronaut thought to be dead is revived, only to find out he is carrying alien embryos.
145 702 The Brute Man
The Chicken of Tomorrow
February 10, 1996 DVD, Digital 0702
A hulking serial killer with a deformed face finds refuge in a blind woman's apartment.
146 703 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell February 17, 1996 DVD, Digital 0703
A snide hero romps through the countryside saving princesses and defeating evil villains.
147 704 The Incredible Melting Man February 24, 1996 DVD 0704
An astronaut is transformed into a murderous, gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage.
148 705 Escape 2000 March 2, 1996 DVD, Digital 0705
A street punk named Trash fights an evil corporation overseeing a forced evacuation of the Bronx.
149 706 Laserblast May 18, 1996 DVD, Digital 0706
A teenage loser uses an alien weapon to strike back at his tormentors.

Trace Beaulieu's final regular appearance as Dr. Clayton Forrester and Crow T. Robot.

Season 8 (1997)[]

This season originally aired on The Sci-Fi Channel.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
150 801 Revenge of the Creature February 1, 1997 DVD 0801
Sequel to the famous Universal classic, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is finally captured by the exploration team from the first film (most of the crew are scientists and teachers from a university college) who have been sent to the Upper Amazon Jungle, and puts it up in captivity on a display at a Florida water park, much to his chagrin. Ironically, the Creature could not be contained in a water tank forever and breaks loose during an experiment incident.

Bill Corbett's first appearance as Crow T. Robot. Kevin Murphy's first appearance as Professor Bobo
151 802 The Leech Woman February 8, 1997 DVD 0802
A woman discovers the secret to eternal youth on an African expedition, but maintaining it involves the murders of men.
152 803 The Mole People February 15, 1997 DVD, Blu-ray 0803
Archaeologists accidentally uncover a lost civilization underground, are captured, and must escape when the civilization's enslaved mutant population rebels.
153 804 The Deadly Mantis February 22, 1997 DVD, Blu-ray 0804
A couple of slight tremors cause the awakening of a giant deadly mantis that proceeds to attack New York in a King Kong-like fashion.
154 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die March 1, 1997 DVD 0805
A horrific creature in the form of a human head hypnotizes an innocent woman into searching for his body.

Bill Corbett's first appearance as Brain Guy
155 806 The Undead March 8, 1997 DVD 0806
A hypnotist tries to use his powers to stop a woman from becoming a streetwalker by trying to alter her past lives.
156 807 Terror from the Year 5000 March 15, 1997 none 0807
A man invents the time machine, by which a woman from the year 5000 uses to attempt to bring fresh genes into a horrific future.
157 808 The She-Creature April 5, 1997 DVD, Blu-ray 0808
A hypnotist uses his beautiful assistant to kill others in the form of a primordial beast.
158 809 I Was a Teenage Werewolf April 19, 1997 none 0809
A scientist reverts an angry young man with a milk-hurling complex back to his primal roots through hypnosis. This causes him to transform into a werewolf.
159 810 The Giant Spider Invasion May 31, 1997 DVD 0810
Some hicks and a couple of scientists fight off a giant spider from space in the last ten minutes of the movie.
160 811 Parts: The Clonus Horror June 7, 1997 DVD, Digital 0811
A youth from a strange colony finds that he and his friends are being raised to be harvested for their organs.
161 812 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? June 14, 1997 DVD, Digital 0812
A man is placed under the control of a gypsy fortune teller, who uses him as a zombie to kill for her.
162 813 Jack Frost July 12, 1997 DVD, Digital 0813
A Russo-Finnish film starring a mushroom-headed elf, anthropomorphic trees, a cursed bear-headed man and a girl whose mistreatment by her stepmother is largely ignored by her doormat father.
163 814 Riding with Death July 19, 1997 DVD 0814
A secret agent with the power to turn himself invisible goes on adventures with truckers and race cars.

Jim Mallon's final appearance as Gypsy
164 815 Agent for H.A.R.M. August 2, 1997 DVD 0815
A spy must protect a Russian defector who has a strange invention that kills by spore.

Patrick Brantseg's first appearance as Gypsy
165 816 Prince of Space August 16, 1997 DVD 0816
An invincible superhero takes his time rescuing Earth from an alien invasion. Filmed in Japan-o-vision.
166 817 The Horror of Party Beach September 6, 1997 DVD 0817
Harmless fifties fun turns to horror when toxic waste dumped into the ocean spawns a hoard of blood-thirsty, sodium-vulnerable creatures.
167 818 Devil Doll October 4, 1997 DVD, Digital 0818
An entertainer traps his assistant's soul inside a ventriloquist’s dummy and doesn't anticipate retaliation.
168 819 Invasion of the Neptune Men October 11, 1997 DVD 0819
Aliens from Neptune try to invade Earth, only to be thwarted at every turn by the Japanese superhero Space Chief.
169 820 Space Mutiny November 8, 1997 DVD, Digital 0820
Half the crew of a generational spaceship looking for an uninhabited planet to settle mutinies against the captain, demanding that the ship find an uninhabited planet to settle.
170 821 Time Chasers November 22, 1997 DVD, Digital 0821
A man goes on a very confusing time-travel adventure with his girlfriend to save the world from himself.
171 822 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank December 6, 1997 Digital 0822
Dissatisfied with the dystopian future he calls life, a man unwittingly gets trapped inside the main computer that controls the world and teams up with a beautiful technician to overthrow the evil dictator.

Season 9 (1998)[]

This season originally aired on The Sci-Fi Channel.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
172 901 The Projected Man March 14, 1998 DVD 0901
A scientist gets physically maimed during his own experiment and spends the rest of the movie killing people with his newly acquired powers of electrocution. First appearance of Castle Forrester.
173 902 The Phantom Planet March 21, 1998 DVD, Digital 0902
An astronaut makes a crash-landing on an alien planet and gets shrunk down in order to get captured by the tiny inhabitants.
174 903 The Pumaman April 4, 1998 DVD, Digital 0903
Thanks to a mystical Aztec belt, a whiny college professor gains the powers of The Pumaman in order to fight an old guy who is bent on taking over the world via mind control.
175 904 Werewolf April 18, 1998 DVD, Digital 0904
A werewolf skeleton excavated in the desert sets off an epidemic of werewolf transmogrification and terrible acting.
176 905 The Deadly Bees May 9, 1998 none 0905
A young singer spends a much-needed vacation getting attacked by bees.
177 906 The Space Children
Century 21 Calling…
June 13, 1998 none 0906
In Century 21 Calling… Mike and the 'Bots learn all about the phones of the future. In The Space Children, a group of mind-controlled kids do the bidding of a blob from space and run amok at a rocket test-launch site.
178 907 Hobgoblins June 27, 1998 DVD, Digital 0907
An assistant security guard at a near-abandoned movie studio unwittingly unleashes a horde of puppet-like creatures that can make people's wildest fantasies come true... and then kill them (or not).
179 908 The Touch of Satan July 11, 1998 VHS, DVD, Digital 0908
A young girl makes a pact with the Devil to save her sister and just has to get her boyfriend involved too.
180 909 Gorgo July 18, 1998 DVD, Digital 0909
A British take on the whole Godzilla thing.

Special guest star: Leonard Maltin.
181 910 The Final Sacrifice July 25, 1998 DVD, Digital 0910
A flighty bully-magnet helps a chunky deadbeat fight a cult that wants to take over the world. Filmed in Canada.
182 911 Devil Fish August 15, 1998 DVD, Digital 0911
A group of marine biologists and an electrician team up to battle an octopus-like monster off the west coast of Florida. A lot of people die.
183 912 The Screaming Skull
Gumby: "Robot Rumpus"
August 29, 1998 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 0912
The 'Bots are traumatized by the brutality shown towards robots in the Gumby short. In The Screaming Skull, a newly-wed woman is terrorized by a skull that keeps popping up inside drawers.

184 913 Quest of the Delta Knights September 26, 1998 none 0913
In historically inaccurate Renaissance times, a Jonathan Taylor Thomas look-a-like and a young Leonardo Da Vinci man a crusade to find the Lost Storehouse of Archimedes for some reason.

Season 10 (1999)[]

This season originally aired on The Sci-Fi Channel.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
185 1001 Soultaker April 11, 1999 DVD, Digital 1001
A group of teens gets in a car accident that flings their souls out of their bodies. They spend the rest of the movie trying to avoid being sucked into rings by the Angel of Death.
186 1002 Girl in Gold Boots April 18, 1999 VHS, DVD, Digital 1002
A young girl leaves everything she's ever known behind to travel with an oily small-time crook who promises to make her dream of becoming a dancer come true.
187 1003 Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders September 18, 1999 DVD, Digital 1003
Merlin manipulates an obnoxious newspaper columnist into turning himself into a baby, and then tries to retrieve an evil toy monkey that was stolen from his shop.
  • Though technically not the final episode, this episode was broadcast after Episode #1013, making it the last new episode to be aired until 2017.
188 1004 Future War April 25, 1999 DVD, Digital 1004
A kickboxing slave escapes from his cyborg masters and is hunted down by dwarf Tyrannosaurus rexes.
189 1005 Blood Waters of Dr. Z May 2, 1999 DVD, Digital 1005
A mad scientist transforms himself into an amphibious humanoid catfish.
190 1006 Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues… May 9, 1999 VHS, DVD 1006
A college professor and three of his students search for a Bigfoot-like creature in the wilds of Arkansas.
191 1007 Track of the Moon Beast June 13, 1999 DVD 1007
After being struck in the head by a moon rock, a graduate student becomes a reptilian monster with a vague connection to a Native American legend.
192 1008 Final Justice June 20, 1999 DVD, Digital 1008
A washed-up Texas sheriff travels to Malta to extradite a prisoner and bungles things up one after another.
193 1009 Hamlet June 27, 1999 VHS, DVD, Digital 1009
An excruciatingly boring German production of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy.
194 1010 It Lives by Night July 18, 1999 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1010
A scientist is bitten by a bat and becomes a sort of werebat...but NOT a vampire, perish the thought.
195 1011 Horrors of Spider Island July 25, 1999 DVD, Digital 1011
A group of models crash-land on a deserted island and must shed their clothing to survive. Oh, and there are spiders. Sort of.
196 1012 Squirm
A Case of Spring Fever
August 1, 1999 DVD 1012
In A Case of Spring Fever, Mike and the 'Bots learn about the importance of springs. In Squirm, a barely pubescent city-slicker visits Georgia for a vacation and spends it helping two sisters fight off an invasion of electrified worms and a worm-man.
197 1013 Diabolik August 8, 1999 DVD 1013
A nefarious thief and his anorexic girlfriend spend an entire movie giving police the slip time and time again.
  • The finale of the original run of the series. Final regular appearance of all then-current cast members.

Season 11 (2017)[]

This season originally streamed on Netflix.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
198 1101 Reptilicus April 9, 2017 VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1101
An ancient reptilian life form with remarkable regenerative properties is unearthed and goes on a rampage through Denmark.
  • The first episode of the revived series. The first regular appearance of new cast members.
199 1102 Cry Wilderness April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1102
A boy befriends the elusive beast known as Bigfoot and has an adventure in the wilderness while trying to protect his father.
200 1103 The Time Travelers April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1103
Two scientists and their associates travel into the distant future, where they clash with the social morays of mankind's descendants while trying to return to their own time.
201 1104 Avalanche April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1104
A land developer opens a new ski resort, hoping to become king of the mountain, inviting friends, family, his ex-wife, and a local nature photographer. However, his ignorance and impatience result in an avalanche that wrecks his resort and kills several people.
202 1105 The Beast of Hollow Mountain April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1105
Rival ranchers in Mexico are plagued by a dinosaur.
203 1106 Starcrash April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1106
Space opera about a rogue-ish pilot and her navigator who thwart the evil usurper of a galactic empire.
204 1107 The Land That Time Forgot April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1107
A submarine crew inadvertently discovers a land populated by prehistoric creatures.
205 1108 The Loves of Hercules April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1108
The demigod Hercules finds himself torn between lovers, including the Queen of the Amazons.
206 1109 Yongary - Monster from the Deep April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1109
A prehistoric monster emerges from the Earth's crust in response to nuclear testing and terrorizes 1960s South Korea.
207 1110 Wizards of the Lost Kingdom April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1110
An aspiring young wizard joins forces with an aging warrior and a magical being to regain the throne of his kingdom from a wicked usurper.
208 1111 Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1111
An aged wizard takes a young pupil and they set out to reunite the three kingdoms that have been divided up by a villainous conqueror.
209 1112 Carnival Magic April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1112
A magician and his trained talking chimpanzee help revive a struggling carnival.
210 1113 Il Natale Che Quasi Non Fu (English Title: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't) April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1113
Santa Claus and his attorney are plagued by a greedy landlord who wants to ruin Christmas.
211 1114 At the Earth's Core April 14, 2017 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1114
An Edwardian-era duo discovers a subterranean world where they battle giant creatures and oppressive savages.

Season 12 (2018)[]

This season originally streamed on Netflix.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
212 1201 Mac and Me November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1201
A boy who uses a wheelchair and his family and friends help to protect an alien creature that has accidentally been brought to Earth.
213 1202 Atlantic Rim November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1202
A squad of three giant mecha fight off giant sea creatures that are attacking the United States east coast.
214 1203 Lords of the Deep November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1203
A group of scientists studying underwater habitation suffer several losses after an undersea earthquake and attacks from stingray-like creatures.
215 1204 The Day Time Ended November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1204
An extended family living in the desert has numerous encounters with alien creatures and time travel.
216 1205 Killer Fish November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1205
A jewel heist goes awry when a hurricane traps the thieves and other people in waters filled with deadly piranha.
217 1206 Ator, the Fighting Eagle November 22, 2018 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1206
The warrior Ator fights to rescue his lover from a spider-worshipping cult.

Season 13 (2022)[]

This season originally streamed on the Gizmoplex.

# Ep. Movie Original Airdate Releases Screenshot
218 1301 Santo in the Treasure of Dracula March 4, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1301-Santo
The masked wrestler El Santo travels back in time to confront the vampire Count Dracula in an attempt to acquire Dracula's treasure.
219 1302 Robot Wars April 1, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1302title
A roguish pilot of transport robots and an enterprising journalist discover corruption and international intrigue in a future society.
220 1303 Beyond Atlantis April 29, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital BAtitle
A group of treasure hunters and a scientist discover a primitive tribe on a remote island.
221 1304 Munchie May 27, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital MunchieTitle
A mischievous magical creature befriends an awkward boy.
222 1305 Doctor Mordrid June 10, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Doctor Mordrid Title
A sorcerer protects the Earth from a rival's attempts to bring demons.
223 1306 Demon Squad June 24, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1306title
A paranormal investigator seeks a powerful artifact.
224 1307 Gamera vs Jiger July 22, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gamera vs. Jiger Title
The giant turtle Gamera battles a monster disrupting the World's Fair.
225 1308 The Batwoman August 19, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital The Batwoman Title
A vigilante wrestler battles a mad scientist.
226 1309 The Million Eyes of Sumuru September 2, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1309Title
American spies protect a foreign leader from a scheming all-female army.
227 1310 H.G. Wells' The Shape of Things to Come September 30, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1310Title
A power-hungry robot master threatens human society in the distant future.
228 1311 The Mask October 28, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1311title
An archaelogist finds a mysterious mask that makes him question reality.
229 1312 The Bubble November 11, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1312title
A young couple find themselves stranded in a mysterious isolated village comprised of elements from different eras.
230 1313 The Christmas Dragon December 16, 2022 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital 1313title
A group of orphans in a mythical land attempt to help Father Christmas and save the life of a dragon.


  • Titles are taken from the title screens as seen in the episode. In cases where the title is not shown, title is verified against its IMDb entry.
  • Airdates were verified using the "All Time MST3K Broadcast Schedule."[1]
  • As revealed in The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, episode 104 was the last produced episode of the season.[2]
  • Though Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie was released in the middle of season 7, it is placed prior to that season here. This is because filming on the movie commenced[3] months before production on season 7 began[4] and it fits better narratively between Season 6 and 7.

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