Lydia (played by Bridget Jones) is a witch who visits the SOL during Experiment 806 - The Undead.

Similar to Livia (the witch in the film) Lydia can change her shape, though her powers are a bit more erratic. She turns (briefly) into a cat, a crow, a bat, a signed football, an inflatable penguin, a very confused Pearl Forrester (which scared Crow), and a bottle of bleach. Each time, she expresses confusion and frustration at the range of her sudden changes, having "never been a football before", and being "a little bit rusty". Once she becomes a bottle of bleach, she gets stuck and can't change back.

Lydia, as the bleach, is still sitting on the bridge when Movie Sign occurs. What becomes of her is unknown.


  • Jones' character does not say her name, but she is listed in the credits of the episode as "Lydia", while Allison Hayes' character in The Undead is named Livia. Therefore, they are presumably not the same character (unlike some other visitors to the SOL, such as J.C. or Bruce).

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