M. Waverly (sometimes just Waverly) is a robot built by Jonah Heston. He and his fellow Heston-created Bot, Growler served as crew members on The Satellite of Love and then went on to work for The Mads.


M. Waverly appeared on the Bridge of The Satellite of Love during Experiment #1108, where he attempted to mingle with Jonah and the Bots during one of their sketches. Tom and Crow took offense to Waverly and did not like how Jonah was attempting to ruin the show's character dynamic by introducing another robot. They then forced Waverly to shut down, ripping his arm off in the process. Despite this, Waverly hung around, often being lifted in and out of the theater by Gypsy during experiments and occasionally making a riff on the movie.

When Jonah was sent out on the road, Waverly came along, and swept the stage during intermission to Eegah and appeared before Act 2 during performances of Argoman the Fantastic Superman. In the latter appearance, it was revealed that Tom had rebuilt him and intended to keep this a secret from Crow.

M. Waverly, along with the other inhabitants of the SOL, found himself sucked into public-domain comic books by Kinga Forrester's Bubbulat-R. He and Growler were not pulled into the comics themselves, but could comment and riff from outside the panels.

M. Waverly was also present during the tour featuring Jonah and Joel Robinson.


M. Waverly (left) as a henchman

During Experiment #1302, Kinga mentioned that M. Waverly and Growler had cleaned up damage in the Kingadome after the meteor storm, and they were later officially hired by Kinga to be her new henchmen, with helmets reminiscent of the Boneheads'. They helped put out the fires on Moon 1 that resulted from Max having been left in charge during Experiment #1308. During Experiment #1310, M. Waverly expressed discontent with the humdrum life of a henchmen, and seems to relish the idea of engaging in some genuine super-villainy.

During Experiment #1312, Growler discovered that M. Waverly is programmed to mimic radio DJ teams when struck on the head.

Behind the Scenes[]



The creation of Waverly was revealed during updates to the Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 campaign.

In update #25, a video of a cardboard mock-up of Waverly was shown, but no more information was provided.[1]

Waverly was built by engineer and maker Justin Jacobs. Joel gave Justin a model of Waverly using random dollar store parts, and Justin then scaled the model. Most of his parts were made with 3D prints, PVC, and wood. Justin was also responsible for building Growler.

In update #27, Joel revealed images of Waverly's maquette, a digital rendering and a video showing a prototype of the puppet in motion. At that time, Joel referred to the robot as "Mr. Waverly", revealing that his name was inspired by the character of Alexander Waverly from The Man from U.N.C.L.E..[2]

Waverly made his broadcast debut in a Facebook Live video, introducing Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.[3]



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