Carnival of Souls was shot in 1962 in Lawrence, Kansas, which makes it officially the only thing to ever happen in Lawrence, Kansas.
  — Michael J. Nelson

The movie

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A disparate group of people find themselves trapped in a house surrounded by the living dead.

Obscure references

  • [As the lead actress plays the organ] "This piece is called the As the World Turns Symphony"
A reference to the soap opera, a dramatic form known for its use of organ music in its early days.
  • "This place is decorated like a Shakey's Pizza."
Shakey's Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants founded in 1954. From a high of over 500 restaurants in the Unites States, there were only 50 remaining as of 2020, all but two in California.[1] Mike is comparing Mary's apartment to the restaurant's decor.
  • [At a close-up on Frances Feist] "She's kind of a shrunken apple head, isn't she?"'
The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture is a 1970s toy kit from Milton Bradley that can be used to dry out an apple creating the look of a shrunken head. It featured Vincent Price in its marketing.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Carnival of Souls is the third film released by Legend Films with special commentary by Michael J. Nelson. Like the previous two, the commentary is a combination of comedic riffs and actual production information.

Video releases

While still released under the "Off-Color Films" brand, Night of the Living Dead is the first film with Mike's commentary to be released by Legend Films themselves, rather than through another distributor. Two versions were released; the standard "Mike Nelson Collector's Edition" and the "Super-Exclusive Mike Nelson Autographed Collector's Edition", which was autographed by Mike on the cover. Contents are identical across both versions.

In addition to Mike's commentary, Special Features include:

  • All-New Color Version and Original Black-and-White Version
  • Original theatrical trailers in color
  • Classic Horror Trailers


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