Second host Michael J. Nelson with puppets Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, in a promotional shot from the movie.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Wiki is devoted to the comedy science fiction television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, wherein a human host and two accompanying puppets mock "cheesy movies". This wiki aims to be a definitive resource on MST3K, with articles on episodes, characters, skits, recurring jokes, actors and performers in the series.


The following are guidelines on what articles for the wiki:


"Episode" articles exist (or will) for all episodes of MST3K. Titles of those articles follow a basic pattern: "MST3K XXX - Title of Movie", for instance, MST3K K10 - Cosmic Princess.

Attention is to be paid to other riffing projects that have direct links to MST3K. So, Cinematic Titanic, RiffTrax, The Film Crew and The Mads Are Back are all legitimate areas for coverage. Articles about individual episodes/releases/productions from those various projects (and any that may spring up in the future) are encouraged. Titles follow a similar pattern as MST3K episodes, each with their own code. Here are some examples of the major episode types used by the wiki:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live - MST3KL e.g. MST3KL - Argoman the Fantastic Superman
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The MIGIZI Fundraiser Shorts - MIGIZI e.g. MIGIZI 001 - A Busy Day at the County Fair
Cinematic Titanic - CT e.g. CT - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
Cinematic Titanic Live - CTL e.g. CTL - War of the Insects
The Film Crew - FC e.g. TFC - Hollywood After Dark
The Mads Are Back - MADS e.g. MADS - Glen or Glenda
Mike Nelson Commentaries - MNC e.g. MNC - The House on Haunted Hill
RiffTrax - RT e.g. RT - The Galaxy Invader
RiffTrax Live - RTL e.g. RTL - The House on Haunted Hill
RiffTrax Presents - RTP e.g. RTP - Cat-Women of the Moon

A format to follow for any new episode article can be found at Sample MST3K Episode Listing. Relevant terms can be changed for other projects.


Articles about any performer/production crew member who has worked on MST3K or any legacy project are acceptable.

Articles about actors/directors/etc. are to be limited to only those who have actually worked on a film riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Preference should be given to "starring" actors or actors of note. Articles about stuntmen and background performers should be avoided. Performers/creators from movies used in RiffTrax or other projects should (as with the movies themselves) be limited to ones who are regularly referenced on MST3K. So, Keanu Reeves is okay, but not Kristen Stewart.


There should be a separate article for each movie (and short) that is featured on MST3K. Articles about movies riffed in other projects should be limited to films that are regularly referenced on MST3K itself. So, The Wizard of Oz is fine, but (unless it is regularly referenced in future episodes), we don't need an article about The Matrix.

Article titles should follow the format Title of Movie (film).


Any character who appears on Mystery Science Theater 3000 or in an MST-branded product can have a page, no matter how obscure.

Characters from movies should only include those who are either referenced regularly on MST3K or have been portrayed by an actor on the show itself. So, Santa Claus (character) is fine, but not Diabolik.

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