The Movie

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A troubled young karate student takes on bullies and the Russian mob.

The Show

Host Segments

Prologue: Joel Robinson sings an acoustic version of the theme song and introduces the 'Bots and Emily Crenshaw during the Robot Roll Call. GPC emerges from Gypsy. Crow appears on a pogo stick.

Host Segment: Crow performs a strong man act. While lifting a heavy barbell, he loses control of his internal muscles and eliminates on stage. Some of his "waste" takes the form of merchandise from the show. Joel the announces an intermission.

Host Segment: Crow rides a unicycle but loses control and annoys Mega-Synthia.


Obscure References

Behind the Scenes


MST3K Crew


  • With 41 performances, No Retreat, No Surrender has the distinction of being the most frequently riffed movie used in a MST3K live tour (to date).


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