"Why does he have to kill them to prove his point? Can't he just show them a pie chart or something?"
  — Servo

The movie

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Cody and Ted attempt to steal an atomic ray gun from the Moon Men.

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A disgraced scientist uses a wolf blood serum on his mentally-challenged gardener, turning him into a wolf man. The scientist then dispatches the wolf man to kill the men who denounced him as a charlatan.

The episode

Host segments


"Hell in a handbag"

Invention Exchange: Joel's "Hell in a Handbag" - a flame-throwing purse. Dr. F and Dr. E show off their thunder lizard.

Segment Two: Tom flirts with Joel's blender.


Fire-breathing dino toy

Segment Three: Joel answers the Bots' questions about the wolf man.

Segment Four: Joel switches Crow's and Servo's heads to near-disastrous consequences.


Servo flirts with the blender

Ending Segment: Joel tries to offer RAM Chips to the Bots to say good things about the movie; when they don't, he threatens to give them to Gypsy, claiming that she was created as a peripheral character so that they would have someone else outside of the movies. As the discussion devolves into existentialism, the Mads are angry at their ignorance that a mad scientist died at the end of the movie.

Obscure references

  • "I got it from Dennis Hopper I think"

Refers to a scene in the movie Blue Velvet where Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) gets high off of a small gas tank. In the movie it's officially amyl nitrate, not nitrous oxide.

  • "Buddy breathing."

Buddy breathing is a technique where two divers can use one scuba tank, usually in an emergency.

  • "Snack Canyon."

Snack Canyon was a theater ad about concession stand food from the 1970's.

  • "I want you to meet my brother, Fred Gwynne."

Fred Gwynne was a tall actor famous for playing Herman on the sitcom The Munsters.

  • "Did I just see a chuck-wagon roll through there?"

Purina Chuck Wagon was a popular brand of dog food. It had commercials featuring dogs chasing a tiny covered wagon through a suburban home or kitchen.

Behind the scenes

MST3K cast

Regular cast

MST3K crew

Full crew


  • Host Segment Two is the source of a notorious outtake in which Tom flubs a line and then announces that he is "gonna go f*ck myself..." It is notable since Josh Weinstein continues to operate Tom's mouth as if still in character even after the take has been blown.
  • The first episode to use the, "Move his spine around a lot," riff employed in scenes where an injured character is moved in an improper fashion.
  • Both inventions were previously shown on KTMA ("Hell in Handbag" was used in K16 - City on Fire).
  • Joel and the Bots actually leave before the movie ends and we get about 20 seconds of empty theater.
  • Servo flirting with a blender is a remake of a sketch from Humanoid Woman.


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