"Lookit — they're all on their way to a George Romero film festival!"
- Joel

The Short[]

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Krog orders Graber and Daly to drop a nuke into a volcano, so as to set off natural disasters.

The Movie[]

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Subterranean invaders attack Los Angeles.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]


Prologue: Joel and Tom are having a rough morning, but Crow shows up all chipper complete with a "morning poem". Tom follows up that he hates "morning bots".

Invention Exchange: Joel demonstrates his cartoon eyeglasses, while the Mads show off their cotton candy that screams when you bite into it.


Reality court

Segment Two: Crow and Tom take Commando Cody to 'reality court'

Segment Three: Joel and the bots talk about how stupid the movie is, then go off on a tangent about how to create a better show

Segment Four: The bots fill the Satellite of Love with lots of thick fog

Ending Segment: Joel bakes a pie and reads a letter

Obscure References[]

  • "“Something new is coming to town and George the milkman is bringing it around.”
This was the jingle from a commercial for Graham Crackos, a Kellogg's cereal in production during the late 70's and early 80's.
  • "Penny, this is Sky King"
Sky King was a pair of series about a crime fighting rancher in a Cessna airplane. Penny was his niece. Sky King ran as a radio series from 1947 to 1954 and as a television program from 1952 to 1959.
  • "LAX just isn't the same least not since Braniff moved out"
LAX is the destination code for the Los Angeles International Airport. Braniff International Airways was a mid-sized airline up until 1983, but has been largely defunct since then.
  • "Aw... great, now they're in schlachtenhaus fünf."
Schlachtenhaus fünf (German for slaughterhouse five) was a Dresden meat processing plant converted into a POW camp in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse Five.
  • "A marine that says 'gee whiz!'. what's he gonna do, storm the Cunningham's house?"
The Cunninghams were lead characters in the 50's themed sitcom Happy Days.
  • "Excuse me, Mr. Melman, Mr. Letterman's looking for you."
Larry "Bud" Melman was a recurring character on The Late Show with David Letterman. He resembled professor Galbraith, minus the mustache.
  • "Well, it's a broken water main Ralphy Boy"
A reference to the character Ed Norton from the TV show The Honeymooners. He worked in the sewers of New York City.
The character in question resembles the American singer Tom Waits, who often has a disheleved appearance.
  • "Hey Mikey, she likes it!"
A reference to a well-known Life cereal commercial from the 1970s.
  • "Lovely... Lovely!..."
This is a reference to the necktie killer in Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy.

Behind the scenes[]

MST3K cast[]

Regular cast

Guest cast

MST3K crew[]


  • Tom Servo does not appear in the closing segment.
  • This is the first episode in which they add a blue tint to a black-and-white movie, presumably to help shadowrama be more visible. It’s a practice that will continue into the fourth season.
  • Both inventions are props from Joel’s standup act.
  • This is the last episode to air during the 80's.


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