(The 1970 Brooklyn Dodgers score a homerun)

"Oh this is the future where they sold the Dodgers back to Brooklyn"

  — Crow

The Short



Cody tries to capture the evil henchmen Graber and Daly, but is tricked and knocked off a cliff. He activates his rocket suit as he falls, but Graber and Daly get away. They succeed in mounting the ray gun in a camouflaged truck and are now prepared to wreak more havoc. Cody sets off in his rocket suit to find the truck, while Ted flies a plane, prepared to drop bombs on the truck when Cody finds it. Once Cody spots the truck, he boards Ted's plane. Graber and Daly stop the truck, activate the ray gun and shoot the plane down.

After narrowly escaping that cliffhanger, Cody and his colleagues discuss how to defend the Earth against Retik’s ray guns. They need to build ray guns of their own, but in order to accomplish this, they need the special moon element 'lunarium.' Cody and his crew take the rocket ship to the moon, where Cody captures one of Retik’s underlings and forces him to divulge where the lunarium is stored. With Ted’s help, Cody blasts into the vault and removes the lunarium. Unable to carry it back to their rocket with their bare hands, they steal a moon tank to transport it. As the two heroes make their getaway, they are chased by moon men in another moon tank. The moon men shoot at Cody's tank, disabling it.


The Movie



Project Moon Base

Set in a future 1970, the United States is considering building bases on the Moon. Colonel Briteis (Donna Martell), Major Bill Moore (Ross Ford), and Doctor Wernher (Larry Johns) are sent to orbit the Moon to survey landing sites for future lunar missions. However, Dr. Wernher is an impostor whose mission is to destroy the US's Earth-orbiting space station, which he plans to do by colliding the rocket with the station on the way back from the Moon.

While on the way out, however, Wernher inadvertently gives his identity away. In the ensuing struggle for the control of the rocket, Col. Briteis has to make an emergency landing on the Moon. With them all marooned, Dr. Wernher redeems himself by helping establish communications with Earth, although an accident results in his untimely death. In response to the unexpected turn of events, the US authorities decide to make the immobilized spaceship the core of a new moon base. To avoid a scandal, their commander, General Greene (Hayden Rorke), cajoles Major Moore into proposing to Colonel Briteis (so as not to have an unmarried male and female astronaut alone in close quarters for weeks). Briteis accepts, but requests that Major Moore be promoted to Brigadier General after they are married so that he will outrank her. Compared to later science fiction movies and TV shows, where women are full-fledged professionals, this film portrays the main female protagonist, Col. Briteis, as a nice but incompetent female who is easily frightened and turns to Major Moore as soon as things become dangerous. [1]


  • Project Moon Base is a "feature film" cobbled together from several episodes of the unsold TV science fiction series Ring Around the Moon.[2]
  • This movie and Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) were made using the some of the same sets and costumes. The two films were then released within one day of each other.

The Episode

Host Segments


Crow and Tom play Commando Cody

Invention Exchange:

Joel - juggling water

Mads - Insect-a-sketch

Segment Two: Crow and Tom pretend they're Commando Cody

Segment Three: Futuristic neckties


Segment Four: The amazing all-purpose mystery substance SPACOM!

Ending Segment: Crow and Tom hang upside down and read letters


  • The first use of the riff “Get your shoes on, we’re at Grandma’s.” A riff that reappears frequently throughout the series and is included the film.

    Futuristic neckties

  • First use of the, "Saaaay!" riff (it occurs when Dr. Wernher is at the door of his hotel room and it looks like the spy is checking out his hinder).
  • One of the fan letters in this episode complains that there are no "color movies"; despite Dr. Forrester claiming he isn't Ted Turner, the next film will be the first color film on the show (in continuity, if one doesn't count the hold-over that won't air until later due to rights issues)
  • First song in the national show (by actual airing order)
  • If you look closely at the end of the movie, the theater is completely cleared during the final credits, but Joel peeks in and gets something from the seat before returning for the episode's final segment


  • Radar Men from the Moon was not filmed prior to Clayton Moore's time on the Lone Ranger TV show. Rather, it occurred during the period when he had been replaced by John Hart.

Obscure References

  • "Scarecrow, I think I'll miss you most of all!"

Crow is imitating Dorothy's goodbye speech from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz.

  • "Ahh, it's the Das Boot theme all over again..."

Joel is remarking about the background noise being similar to that of the 1981 Nazi submarine film Das Boot.

  • "Look, it's Dr. Bellows!"

Servo is referencing the classic sitcom I Dream of Jeannie in which actor Hayden Rorke played the Air Force psychiatrist Dr. Bellows.

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