(The 1970 Brooklyn Dodgers score a homerun)

"Oh this is the future where they sold the Dodgers back to Brooklyn"

  — Crow

The movie

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In another doubleheader, Cody continues to thwart the ray gun campaign of destruction, then returns to the Moon to swipe some Lunarium.

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A foreign agent attempts to sabotage an American lunar expedition.

The episode

The Episode

Host Segments


Crow and Tom play Commando Cody

Prologue: Joel cleans up Tom and Crow for the experiment.

Invention Exchange: Joel demonstrates his water juggling. Dr. Forrester is unimpressed. The Mads show off their Insect-A-Sketch, which combines the classic Etch-A-Sketch toy with an ant farm.

Segment Two: Tom plays at being Commando Cody and keeps calling Joel Ted. Crow is stuck being Krog, but he wants a turn at being Cody.

Segment Three: Joel demonstrates neckties of the future.


Segment Four: The amazing all-purpose mystery substance SPACOM!

Segment Five: Crow and Tom hang upside down and read letters.

Obscure references

  • "Scarecrow, I think I'll miss you most of all!"
Crow is imitating Dorothy's goodbye speech from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz.
  • "Ahh, it's the Das Boot theme all over again..."
Joel is remarking about the background noise being similar to that of the 1981 Nazi submarine film Das Boot.
  • "Look, it's Dr. Bellows!"
Servo is referencing the classic sitcom I Dream of Jeannie in which actor Hayden Rorke played the Air Force psychiatrist Dr. Bellows.

Behind the scenes

MST3K cast

Regular cast

MST3K crew

Full crew


  • The first use of the riff "Get your shoes on, we’re at Grandma’s." A riff that reappears frequently throughout the series and is included the film.

    Futuristic neckties

  • First use of the, "Saaaay!" riff (it occurs when Dr. Wernher is at the door of his hotel room and it looks like the spy is checking out his hinder).
  • One of the fan letters in this episode complains that there are no "color movies"; despite Dr. Forrester claiming he isn't Ted Turner, the next film will be the first color film on the show (in continuity, if one doesn't count the hold-over that won't air until later due to rights issues)
  • First song in the national show (by actual airing order)
  • If you look closely at the end of the movie, the theater is completely cleared during the final credits, but Joel peeks in and gets something from the seat before returning for the episode's final segment


  • Radar Men from the Moon was not filmed prior to Clayton Moore's time on the Lone Ranger TV show. Rather, it occurred during the period when he had been replaced by John Hart.

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