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A family faces the challenges of a world where time has no meaning.

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Prologue: Jonah is back in Moon 13 working on the movie vault while Tom and Crow are swiping various tools and knick-knacks. When Max asks if Jonah has any plans of comeuppance in mind, Jonah denies it to his captor's delight. He still gets the Tube, though.

Segment One: Jonah and the Bots enjoy some hot coffee as they prepare for the second half of The Gauntlet. Jonah's Invention Exchange is the Fortune Meal, a full-course dinner with a fortune in every bite, Kinga's Spray-On Mustard Gas proves unfit for hot dogs, and Ardy's pet dog Bonesy leads to a minor delay in the movie-flushing.

Segment Two: Jonah and the Bots mock the family's grill-loving grandfather and talk about how they want their deaths to go. The grilling and chilling is interrupted by bikers (portrayed by Growler and Waverly) and then Movie Sign.

Segment Three: Jonah and Crow pretend they are the movie's writers, and their plans for a coherent screenplay get thrown off-course when script-doctor "Harold" Servo brings a toe-tapping, show-stopping list of "Concepts!" for them to use.

Segment Four: The Gauntlet continues to wear on our heroes, but Kinga and Max's moment of glee is interrupted with a surprise visitor, Dr. Laurence Erhardt. Dr. Forrester's former colleague reveals where he's been all this time and answers a few other burning questions, such as why he broke into Gizmonic Institute two episodes ago. At any rate, Killer Fish is next!

Stinger: A tiny alien appears and Jenny smiles.


Obscure references

  • (After the title "The Day Time Ended" is revealed") "The Morris Day story!"
Morris Day is the lead singer of The Time, best known for playing the rival band to Prince's band in the film Purple Rain, and for the song "Jungle Love."
  • "I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so scared..." "Lisa and Screech are calling."
Both references to the show Saved by the Bell.
  • "I was out there playing with my friend." "Geodude."
Geodude is a type of Pokemon, from a game of the same name where players capture wild monsters and duel them against other people's Pokemon. Geodude looks like a boulder with a face and arms. This may also be a direct reference to/paraphrase of this tweet.
  • "Triforce!"
Said as a glowing triangle whips by the screen. The Triforce was the name of a magical, triangular object that was often used as a plot device in the various Legend of Zelda video games.

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