"It was about that time the Duke boys decided they'd show ol' Boss Hogg just what sidehackin' was all about."
  — Crow

The movie

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A side hacking racer goes on a rampage of vengeance when his fiancée is raped and murdered.

The episode

Host segments


Jerry (R) and Sylvia (L) get the Mads ready

Prologue: It's cleaning day aboard the Satellite of Love, and the Bots are being naughty.

Invention Exchange: The Bots promise to behave, so that they can stay up, for the movie (for some reason). Joel exposes a Slinky to radiation and ultraviolet light and creates Gretchen the Pet Slinky. Dr. Forrester creates a Slinky Body so he can be in two places at once. Joel criticizes the Mads for stealing his ideas again.

Segment Two: Joel and the Bots sing the "Sidehacking Song".


The SOL crew sing "Only Love Pads the Film"

Segment Three: The SOL crew wonder where the sidehacking went, and come up with their own color commentary for it.

Segment Four: Everyone has Rommel hats, and JC and Gooch from the planet Fivethehardway drop by the SOL and decide to get Rommel.

Segment Five: The crew sings the stirring "Only Love Pads the Film", which is sad enough to nearly force Frank to land the SOL until Forrester says otherwise. After reading letters, Forrester decides Frank will push the button instead.

Obscure references

  • "And the rest!"
Crow quotes a lyric from the first season version of the Gilligan's Island theme song; where Mary Ann and the Professor were simply referred to as "and the rest". The lyrics were later altered to refer to them by name.
  • "Hey! It's Hunter S. Thompson! I didn't know sidehacking was so "GONZO"!"
Referring to the American journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson, whose writing style was known as "Gonzo journalism ". In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Thompson was sent to cover the Mint 400; which is an off-road desert race somewhat similar to sidehacking.
  • "... and bringing up the rear, Fietelbaum."
From an old Spike Jones (the composer, not the director) song about a horse race. It's a version of the William Tell Overture where Fietelbaum is in last place early on, but ends up winning.
  • "Rommel, you magnificent son of a bitch, I read your book!"
A paraphrase of famous line - originally "you magnificent bastard" - uttered by George C. Scott in the film Patton. Scott, as General George S. Patton, says this line during a battle against Nazi General F.M. Erwin Rommel, whose classic book on military tactics - Infantry Attacks - Patton had indeed read.
  • They took my thumb, Charlie!"
Tom quotes Eric Roberts as the gambler, Paulie, from The Pope of Greenwich Village.
  • "Thwow him to the gwound Centuwion."
Crow quotes an instruction from Michael Palin as Pontius Pilate in the film Monty Python's Life of Brian, using the same speech impediment Palin used for the character.
  • "Oh, momma!"
Joel imitates Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello, DDS from the film version of the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Behind the scenes

MST3K cast

Regular cast

Guest cast

MST3K crew


  • When the Brains first sat down and watched this movie for their writing sessions, they were shocked to discover a graphic scene of Rommel's fiancee being raped and murdered, triggered as a flashback for Rommel from seeing Luke and Lois' children playfully roughhousing. They edited the scene out of the episode, and decided from then on to always watch movies in their entirety before deciding whether or not to air them. In order to make up plot holes, Crow simply points out "For those of you playing at home, Rita is dead."
  • Another edit occurred earlier in the episode in a scene when an enraged J.C directs a racial slur at Nero after the latter tries to calm him down. This was muted as Joel and the bots loudly rebuke J.C.
  • This episode features a rare piece of comedy from Cambot when he puts an ESPN-style scoreboard up during the movie.
  • This episode is the origin of the often repeated "Chili peppers burn my gut!" callback.
  • In Host Segment Four, JC's reference to the planet Fivethehardway is inspired by the film's alternate title (which remains the title of the opening song).
  • This episode follows the previous in the SOL crew complaining about the show having two straight movies with down-beat endings.



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