(Gamera's beady eyes watch Kenny as he flees from the rocky sea cliff)

"Those kids at school — they tease you, Kenny. Because they've never tasted hell. Today, we turn the tables!"

- Crow (as Gamera)

The Movie[]

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The detonation of an atomic bomb awakens a giant flying turtle, which then goes off to devastate Japan.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]


Dr. Forrester sans coat and ponytail

Prologue: The gang goes through a spoken warm-up to prepare for the experiment.

Invention Exchange: Joel presents a container that holds an infinite amount of salad, while Frank creates a vacuum that is supposed to clean up birdcages without removing the bird. It fails.

Segment Two: Tom sings the haunting ballad, "Tibby, Oh Tibby". Crow adds his own lyrics, but his irreverent tone upsets Tom.

MST3k 302 Tibby the Turtle

Servo sings to Tibby

Segment Three: Crow and Tom take out their rage on Kenny by using voodoo; Joel tries to get them to take a more positive outlook on Kenny. While Tom sees where Joel is getting at, it doesn't work on Crow.

Segment Four: The Bots play beauty salon, and Gamera drops in for a visit.

Segment Five: Tom introduces the cast of "Gamera", a letter is read, and Joel gets a shock to the shammies.

MST3K Gamera

Gamera (Michael J. Nelson) visits

Stinger: An Eskimo mutters a disturbed, "Bye..."

Obscure References[]

  • "Mercy!! Rrrrooww!"
A reference to the song Oh, Pretty Woman and how the Japanese man in shades looks a bit like singer, Roy Orbison.
  • "The New York Times says God is dead, and the war's begun, and Alvin Tostig has a son today."
A paraphrasing of the lyrics from the Elton John song "Levon".
  • "Man, they've been in that plane for 48 hours!" "Luckily the in-flight film was Berlin Alexanderplatz."
Berlin Alexanderplatz was a 15 1/2 hour film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
  • (Kenny's mother looking for him.) "Damien!? Damien!?"
Alluding to equally bratty pipsqueak Damien Thorn of The Omen, who is in reality the 'Son of the Devil.'
  • "Phenomena!...Bah dee dee dee!...Phenomena!"
Referring to the ditty Mah Na Mah Na made popular by The Muppets.
  • "You know, he didn't start the fire - It was always burning, since the world's been turning."
A reference to the chorus to the popular Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire".
  • "Live the good life in the off-world colonies!"
A line from the film Blade Runner.
  • "Kenny, join me! Together we will rule the Uni-... Oh." "Heh. Darth Turtle?"
A loose paraphrasing of a line from The Empire Strikes Back.
A reference to a long-running ad in the show business newspaper "Variety" about the unreleased film Chief Zabu.

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  • It's never explained why this is the case, but even though Joel doesn't believe that Tom and Crow got a visit from Mothra two episodes prior, when Tom tells Joel that he, Crow, and Gypsy met Gamera in this episode, he actually shows interest.



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