“Do you have a reservation for Hercules? It might be under Heracles…”

The Movie[]

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The heroic Hercules intervenes in the lives of the ruling family of Iolcus. He falls in love with the king's daughter Iole, then sails with Jason and the Argonauts to obtain the famed Golden Fleece.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]


The Cellular Desk

Prologue: It's Casual Day on the SOL, so the crew wings the opening. It's a rather subdued affair.

Segment One (Invention Exchange): The Mads interrupt the awkward silence of Casual Day. Dr. F has created the cellular desk to live his job. He gives Frank a performance review that doesn't look too good. Joel and the Bots come up with Instant Karma; pour contents into a bowl, add water, and enjoy your reward or punishment.

Segment Two: Crow wonders about the ancient Greeks and their constellations. Servo creates new constellations updated to modern tastes such as the Ham Sandwich, the New Christy Minstrels, and Guernica. Crow creates another one in response: a pencil.


Amazon Moms Carol and Elaine

Segment Three: As Joel enjoyes Cap'n Ron cereal, the Bots attempt to clear up how many members the pop group Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds had (the answer is three; Joe Frank was one person).

Segment Four: Crow does his own one-robot show tribute to Gene Rayburn and the Match Game, "Give 'Em Hell, Blank!"

Segment Five: Crow and Servo discuss the advantages of having Amazon women on the ship. Joel tries to clear up the Bots misconceptions until some Amazons visit and communicate with the SOL via the Hexfield Viewscreen. Frank takes control of the cellular desk and mocks Dr. F.

Stinger: "He’s like something out of a bad dream!"

MST3K cast[]

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  • Major plot points were edited out of the film for use on the show, making the plot difficult to understand.


  • Just before Joel opens and pours the third envelope of Instant Karma, the powder can be seen leaking out.

Obscure References[]

  • During the flashback early in the movie Joel and the Bots start singing the beats to the theme song of Rocky and Bullwinkle. This seems to be a reference to the opening of the Peabody's Improbable History segment which opened with a parade of involving chariots similar to the film sequence (but with different background music).
  • "Give 'Em Hell, Blank!"

In addition to The Match Game, the title is a reference to the one-man play Give 'em Hell, Harry!.

  • "He's the Finder of Lost Loves!"

For the second episode in a row, a riff during the opening minutes references the series Finder of Lost Loves. In this case, Hercules director Pietro Francisci is confused with both James Franciscus and Tony Franciosa, recalling the running gag from Space Travelers.

  • "I love my dead Greek son!"

A spoof of the line "I love my dead gay son!" from the movie Heathers.

  • "Rip Torn, ladies and gentlemen!"

Rip Torn is an actor and comedian. Unrelated to this episode, but Torn did later act in some Greek mythology-related projects: he voiced Hercules' father Zeus in the Disney animated feature based on the Hercules myth, and later voiced the god Hephaestus in the God of War series of video games.

  • "Now, don’t you kids get drunk and go swimming under the dock . . . Help! I’m drunk and I’m swimming under the dock!"

A riff on a common trope from the TV show Baywatch, in which the David Hasselhoff character's son Hobie was always getting himself into trouble despite his father's warnings.

  • "She's an Ellen Jamesian!"

In The World According to Garp, a girl named Ellen James is attacked and has her tongue cut out to prevent her from speaking her attacker's name.  A group of women (calling themselves the Ellen Jamesians) cut out their own tongues in a show of solidarity with her.

  • "It's the Andrea Dworkin Memorial Cemetery."

Andrea Dworkin was a radical feminist, most famous for arguing that in a patriarchal society, it is virtually impossible for a women to willingly consent to sex.

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