"Mmm, good, white, hearty white bread for white, white people!"
  — Tom Servo

“He shot the bear in mid-standing ovation.”
  — Mike

The Short

Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm


The short "Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm"


Two siblings from the city visit their uncle's dairy farm for the summer. The children tour the farm's modern facilities, including milking machines. During a summer of hard work and healthy living, the boy gains enough strength to finally climb a rope. At the end of the summer, the city-dwellers return to the metropolis with their family, wiser and healthier for having spent their summer on their uncle's farm.

The Movie




Two couples (Robert Reed and June Kenney, Joan Lora and Eugene Persson) are on a boating trip when they come across an uncharted island. The four investigate and find themselves in the clutches of Dr. Albert Balleau (Wilton Graff), whose hobby is hunting both animals and humans.

After learning about the terrible secrets of the island from the doctor's wife (Lilyan Chauvin) and her boyfriend (Walter Brooke) as well as an investigation, the group tries to escape only to be thwarted by Dr. Balleau and his henchmen. Balleau's wife and her lover are slain and stuffed, while the men are forced to participate in a The Most Dangerous Game-style hunt, with their girlfriends soon joining them. The hunt includes Balleau's sailor henchmen and hidden traps, as well as Balleau's deadly skill. At the end, Balleu becomes the last one to be hunted when killed by his assistant Jondor.


  • This movie is an adaptation (the fifth to its date) of "The Most Dangerous Game," written in 1924 by Richard Connell.
  • Much of the background music used in this film was also used in The Unearthly.

The Episode

Host Segments


Servo acts as therapist to Crow

Prologue: As Crow's therapist, Tom Servo probes into Crow's psyche with a series of deep and penetrative questions, and none of them helpful.

Segment One: While Tom shows he hasn't heard of doctor/patient confidentiality, down in a newly redecorated Deep 13, Dr. F prepares for the arrival of his mother, giving the SOL crew pre-generated messages of praise to read out, but she is more pleased to see Frank than her son. Gypsy goes into a mental breakdown and rants about Forrester's scripts and tries to think up of something that rhymes with the "b-word" (which she actually says). Mike and the Bots are shocked and surprised about Gypsy saying that word. (Servo: [sing-song] "Gypsy's in trouble! Gypsy's in trouble!")

First appearance of Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl

Segment Two: While Mike goes off to be Kenny G, Crow's fears his Veg'able stand will ever get traffic prove to be unfounded after a destructive jaunt by Tom Servo.

Segment Three: Mike and the Bots engage in a spot of good old fashioned square dancing, but Crow's calls veer wildly between calm and oppressively doom-laden.

Segment Four: Crow ruins the SOL's Mystery Murder Dinner Theater within 30 seconds (I did it!).


Crow's Veg'able stand

Closing (Segment Five): Based on very flimsy evidence, the Bots think Mike is hunting them like the evil Dr. Balleau from the movie, and set a trap when the unsuspecting human reads out letters, while Dr. F is left behind as his mom and Frank go out on the town.

Stinger: Tony gets an arrow in the stomach


  • Mary Jo Pehl's first appearance as Pearl Forrester.
  • According to Mike Nelson in the book "The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide", out of respect for Robert Reed, who died of AIDS in 1992, the writers decided to hold back on easy references to his role in The Brady Bunch. It is only mentioned once during the entire show.
  • The fiddle during the square dancing skit was performed off-camera by Maria Bamford.


Obscure References

  • "After all...a boy's best friend is his mother!"
This phrase Dr. Forrester is paraphrasing comes from a proverb of indeterminate origin. It became the title of a song written by Harry Miller and Joseph P. Skelley in 1883. It has since become most commonly associated with the character Norman Bates from Psycho (who had a complicated relationship with his mother).
  • "All the commotion provokes a bull snake!"
Riff indicating the danger these kids are in playing in the hayloft as bull snakes mimic rattlesnakes about to strike when provoked. But unlike rattlesnakes, bull snakes are not venomous and pose no threat to these kids.
  • "The Summer of My German Humiliation."
The Summer of My German Soldier is a novel about an American girl who befriends an escaped German POW during World War II.
  • "A very special Ziffel family reunion."
A reference to Green Acres, on which the Ziffel family treated a pig named Arnold as a member of the family.
  • "Why, Uncle Jim's even enrolled them in the Posse Comitatus!"
Posse Comitatus is an American white supremacist group.
  • "This is the Edvard Munch painting that wasn't stolen."
Edvard Munch's most famous painting, The Scream, has been stolen several times.  This is probably most directly referencing the theft of one version of the painting from the National Gallery in Oslo on the day the 1994 Winter Olympics began in Lillehammer, Norway.
  • "This is exactly how Leakey found Lucy."
A reference to "Lucy", a fossilized hominid skeleton unearthed in Ethiopia in 1974. However, despite what Tom suggests, Lucy was not discovered by Louis Leakey.
  • "This is the best Saul Bass title sequence ever!"
Graphic designer Saul Bass was famous for designing movie title sequences, which often incorporated highly stylized or abstract animation.
  • "I'll just go see what Isaac is doing on the lido deck."
Referring to the bartender Isaac Washington on The Love Boat.
  • "Wait, you forgot Tallulah Bankhead!"
Tallulah Bankhead was a cast member in Alfred Hitchcock's movie LIfeboat.
  • "Unfortunately, they landed on Bikini Atoll in 1947."
Bikini Atoll was destroyed by a series of nuclear tests in the years after World War II.
  • "Kicks just keep getting harder to find!"
A line from the song "Kicks" by Paul Revere and the Raiders.
  • "Sounds like James Galway's bringing up the rear."
James Galway is an Irish classical musician.
  • "Odd production of 'Blithe Spirit'."
Blithe Spirit is a Noel Coward play about a writer who is haunted by the ghost of his late wife.
  • "They'll leave the light on."
Mike is paraphrasing the advertising slogan for Motel 6.
  • "And I'm still Victor Buono."
Character actor Victor Buono is best remembered for playing the villain King Tut on the 1960s Batman TV show.
  • "Heh...Rob and Laura's room!"
Although they were married, Rob and Laura on The Dick Van Dyke Show were depicted sleeping in separate beds as it was too "sexually implicit" back then to show them sharing one bed.
  • "The wall is covered with Issey Miyake clothing."
Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer.
  • "This is one of Jeff Smith's weirder shows."
Jeff Smith was the host of the cooking show The Frugal Gourmet.
  • "Geez! Long before Peter Billingsley there was THIS guy."
Peter Billingsley is best known for his iconic role as Ralphie from the holiday classic A Christmas Story.
  • "There's no future, no future...
Crow is quoting the Sex Pistols song "Anarchy in the UK".
  • "I shouldn't have let Brian Epstein dress me."
Brian Epstein was a British music entrepreneur who famously managed The Beatles.
  • "Hey look up there! It's a coelacanth!"
Coelacanths are an ancient species of fish thought to have died out 65 million years ago; until they were discovered by Western science in 1938 living in the West Indian Ocean.
  • "Welcome to my production of 'Tru'."
Tru is a one-man play about Truman Capote.
  • "During my Montclair Moment."
A reference to an old advertising campaign for Montclair cigarettes.
  • "It's called Captain Eo."
Captain Eo was a 3-D movie starring Michael Jackson that was shown at Disney theme parks during the 1980s and '90s.
  • "Is that Alf on the wall in the background?"
Alf was a 1980s sitcom about a wisecracking alien living with a suburban family.
  • "Brian Benben!"
Brian Benben starred on the HBO sitcom Dream On.
  • "Bob Packwood goes a-courtin'."
Oregon senator Bob Packwood's political career ended in the early 1990s due to a highly publicized sexual harassment scandal.
  • "I think it's Charlie Callas!"
Charlie Callas was a popular comedian during the 1970s, and was known for nervously chattering and making odd noises as part of his act.
  • "This is 'The Osterman Weekend'."
The Osterman Weekend is a spy novel by Robert Ludlum.
  • "Look at this...Lucas McCain's armoire!"
    MST3K 607 Promo

    MST3K 607 Promo

Lucas McCain was the title character on the Western TV series The Rifleman.
  • "A cave is not a home..."
A parody of the Dionne Warwick song "A House Is Not a Home", which was later recorded by Luther Vandross.


Video Release


VHS Cover

  • Commerically released on VHS by Rhino Entertainment in March 2000, the episode was also released at the same time as a part of a 3-VHS set with The Creeping Terror and The Side Hackers.
  • Commerically released on DVD by Rhino in November 2002 as part of The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 1, a 4-DVD set with The Skydivers, The Creeping Terror and Catalina Caper.
  • The DVD release is a double-sided disc, with the MST version on one side and the un-MSTed movie on the other. The MST side includes a trailer for the original movie.
  • Available for rent or purchase on Amazon's streaming service.