- Mike, Crow, and Servo

The Short[]



Young Man's Fancy

A story sponsored by the Edison Electric Institute that encourages use of a number of home appliances. Teenage Judy is less than excited about her brother’s visit from college until she sees that her brother is accompanied by his roommate, Alexander Phipps. Judy is attracted to Alex (he makes her feel “squishy!”), but Alex seems only interested in engineering and time study. So Judy prepares dinner all by herself, using modern household appliances and electricity to impress him.


  • Paul Kirk Giles (Mr. Adams) had a recurring role as a judge on the cult-favorite gothic TV series Dark Shadows.

The Movie[]

Main article: The Violent Years (film)


A gang of dissatisfied teenage women goes on a crime spree, unconcerned with the consequences of their actions.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]


Tom with a ventriloquist dummy head

Prologue: The SOL crew finds Servo’s new head from a ventriloquist dummy to be disturbing.

Segment One: The Mads unveil their theme music, "Livin' in Deep 13". They demand theme songs from Mike, Tom, and Crow. Tom is ready with his Orff-inspired theme music. Crow and Mike are completely unprepared, and it shows. In spite of this fact, Frank really likes Mike's song.


The Mads perform "Livin' in Deep 13"

Segment Two: The Mads proudly introduce their new country music radio station called Frank, with the slogan "Turn your crank to Frank!" Mike and the bots are reluctant to turn their cranks to Frank.


Crow's one man show about Keanu Reeves - starring Mike

Segment Three: Tom reenacts a tearful scene from the 1976 movie A Star is Born.

Segment Four: It's rehearsal time for the one-man show that Crow has written about Keanu Reeves - starring Mike!


Crow and Mike reenact the gas station robbery

Segment Five: Mike and Crow reenact the gas station hold-up scene from the movie. It takes a while, so Tom and Gypsy read a letter than includes an invitation to attend a graduation. The Mads are still on their "Turn your crank to Frank!" kick.

Stinger: Lying in her prison hospital bed, Paula says, "So what!"

MST3K cast[]


  • Unusual credits: Over "Mighty Science Theater", TV's Frank continues to name artists for radio station Frank, which starts out very country and proceeds into very random.
  • One of the names that Frank lists is Ferlin Husky, star of Hillbillys in a Haunted House.
  • This is the final episode with Charles A. Zimmerman listed as an editor.
  • Tom’s theme song is set to the music of “Carmina Burana”.
  • In Host Segment Two, the Mads appear briefly in the Hexfield Viewscreen. This was unusual as they typically only communicated with the SOL via an off-camera viewscreen near Cambot. The exact nature of the communication system between the SOL and Deep 13 would not be revealed until Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.


Obscure References[]

  • (Shot of the boys approaching the house) "Geez, it's Chip and Dale!"
Servo is actually referring to Warner Brothers' animated characters the Goofy Gophers (who were excessively polite and considerate to each other). The Gophers are often misidentified as Chip and Dale due to them both being a double-act consisting of small rodents.
  • "The Bobby Knight Story!"
Bobby Knight is a retired college basketball coach known for his volatile temper.
  • "Turn your crank to Frank!"
This is a parody of the Twin Cities' mid-90's country-format radio station BOB 100 and its catchphrase "Turn your knob to BOB!"
  • "The Peggy Noonan Gang!"
Peggy Noonan is a veteran Republican speechwriter.
  • "Penthouse Forum, the motion picture!"
A reference to a recurring feature in Penthouse magazine in which people write in to relate (somewhat dubious) details of their sexual exploits.
  • "Everyone forced to write with the Palmer Method."
The Palmer Method is a handwriting method, once popular in the US, that, among other strict regiments, forced left-handed people to write with their right hands. Its supporters also purported to be able to reform delinquents with its strict regimentation.
  • "I know, they dress as men so they can live in this apartment building."
A twist on the premise of the early 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies in which two men disguised themselves as women so they could get an affordable apartment in a women-only building.
  • "Sal Mineo entertains at home..."
With her short, dark curly hair, the woman in the scene slightly resembles actor Sal Mineo.
  • (As Judge walks into the court room) "Here Come Da Me!"
Reference to Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham's signature courtroom mockery routine, which started with "Here Come Da Judge!". It later became a song entitled "Here Comes the Judge". Shorty Long recorded a completely different song based on the routine, also entilted "Here Comes the Judge".


Memorable Quotes[]

[Tom Servo shows off his new head.]:
Servo: Ta-da!
Mike: Whoa!!!
Crow: [horrified] Whoa, whoa!!! [wails loudly and uncontrollably]
Servo: Pretty impressive! Hey folks! I tell ya, I feel like a new man!
Gypsy: [horrified] I FEEL ILL!!!
[Mike and Crow reenact the overly long gas station hold-up scene from the movie]:
Gypsy: Uh, Tom?
Servo: Huh?
Gypsy: Was it exciting in the movie?
Servo: Nope.
Gypsy: Well, was it funny?
Servo: Nope.

A Young Man's Fancy (short)[]

[Over the opening title]
Crow: Young man's fancy crinkle-cut potatoes.
[Judy is shoveling bacon into her mouth.]
Judy: Mmmm... I just love bacon so crisp and crunchy like this.
Mike: Yeah, evidently.
Mrs. Adams: Honey, stop wolfing your food! No one's going to take it away from you.
Judy: Sorry, sweetie, but it's really your fault. You shouldn't make them so good.
Crow [as Judy]: Whatever happened to my pet Vietnamese potbellied pig?
[Judy primps in front of a mirror.]
Mike [as Judy]: There. Now I look like Mom.
Crow [as Judy]: Thank goodness for my electric dress!
[The phone rings as Judy and her mom serve lunch to the boys.]
Crow: Hey, the electric phone!
[Judy talks about Alex on the phone with a girlfriend.]
Judy: Did he arrive? Man, he's positively frantic!
Servo [as Judy]: He runs around screaming!
. . .
Judy: And when he looks at me, I get... you know, squishy!
Mike [as the person on the phone]: Well, that's nice, ma'am. I'm just trying to sell my magazines.
[Mrs. Adams demonstrates the whirring electric dishwasher to Alex.]
Mrs. Adams: There. Nothing to it.
[Judy walks around the kitchen, rattling an eggbeater in an empty bowl to try and get Alex's attention.]
Crow: Um, has anybody noticed that the daughter is psychotic?
[Judy, pretending her mixer doesn't work, opens the kitchen door slightly to get Alex's attention from the next room.]
Servo [as Judy]: [coughs] OH DEAR!
Judy: Oh, me!
Servo: [laughing] Did I call that?
[Alex plugs in Judy's mixer.]
Alex: There we are.
Crow [as Alex]: God, you're dumb.
[Judy gazes adoringly at Alex as he explains the benefit of the electric kitchen appliances.]
Mike: Judy: Beyond Thundersquishy.
Alex: I thought, maybe... how'd you like to go dancing?
Judy: Dancing? Oh, Alex, how dreamy!
Crow: [begins whimpering and panting like an excited puppy]
[Over the closing credits]
Servo: This film was brought to you by the Nerd Council. Support your local nerd!
Mike: And a generous grant from the Mom Corporation. The incredible power of Mom.

The Violent Years (movie)[]

[Zoom to close-up of back of Paula's head, then dissolve to same back of head]
Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, your screenwriter: Ed Wood.
[After character gets shot in the classroom by police]
Mike: She died like she lived... failing algebra.
[Several spinning newspaper headlines are shown after the male rape scene. Everybody starts making up headlines]
Crow: Refuses to Press Charges!
Servo: Says: "ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou!"
Mike: Hundreds of Men Flock to Crime Scene!
[Police car is searching for the girl gang]
Mike [as a cop]: You said you knew where the chase was!
Crow [as a cop]: No, you said you knew where it was!
Mike [as a cop]: Well, I never!
Judge: Some people think that newspapers exaggerate juvenile crime...
Mike: We don't! Can we go?

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