"They're operating under a different theology."
  — Mike

The Short

Out of this World

Out of this World


A tale of the never ending battle between good and evil, as agents of Heaven and Hell move the battle to Earth for ultimate domination of bread delivery truck drivers.


The Movie

Main article: High School Big Shot (film)


A clever high school student from a poor family gets drawn into a plot to commit a violent crime in an attempt to impress a girl that he likes.

The Episode

Host Segments

Mike tries to relieve his headache

Prologue: Mike has a major headache. Crow has to practice his cymbals, Tom finds a bagpipe, and Gypsy really likes Seinfeld. These things don't go together.

Segment One: Mike turns to a drill to relieve the pressure. Dr. Forrester gives Frank and the SOL crew chemistry sets to do the work for him. Frank clones a dinosaur using his chemistry set. Alas, it does not like Dr. F. Crow mixes a potion that makes Tom Servo huge!

Giant Tom Servo

SOL speciality bread

Segment Two: Mike, Crow, and Tom present their specialty breads, such as a bread with a shampoo and conditioner built in, or a butter-top bread with bars of real butter stuck into it.

Segment Three: Crow and Tom egg Mike. With an omelet. And the hollandaise is too lemony.

Segment Four: Crow and Tom try and fail to break into Gypsy’s diary using dynamite and more dynamite.

The SOL recreate the films ending

Segment Five: Mike reads a letter until the Bots reenact the tragic end of the movie with water pistols. Dr. F gives the little dinosaur something to chew on, and it's in Frank's pants.

Stinger: "A million bucks!"

MST3K cast


  • It’s with this episode that Julie Walker's job title changes from "Info Club Coordinator" to "Info Club Poobah".
  • Michael J. Nelson does suffer from chronic headaches in real life and even wrote an article about it for the New York Times.


  • "Might as well have Mitchell for a dad!"
  • Servo references the short at the beginning when he ponders where the bread display in a general store is.

Running Jokes

  • In Out of This World, Mike and the bots portraying the bread salesman as a mobster who threatens his prospects with harm unless they stock his bread.
  • In High School Big Shot, exaggerating how poor the main character and his father are.
  • Tom singing "Don't Pay the Ferryman".

Obscure References

  • "Say I'm starring in Forever Plaid!"

Forever Plaid is an off-Broadway musical about a 1950s pop music group.

  • "I just saw Howard Hughes in the desert!"

A reference to Melvin Dummar, a Utah gas-station owner who claimed to have picked up reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes as a hitchhiker in the Nevada desert.

  • "This is Charles Kuralt. We're gonna leave you now with images of bread!"

Servo is mocking the late Charles Kuralt's sign-offs on CBS News Sunday Morning.

  • "Hey, Dr. Giggles!"

Dr. Giggles was a 1992 horror movie starring the thick-lipped actor Larry Drake.

  • "Uh... that's Christine Jorgensen!"

In the early 1950s, Christine Jorgensen became famous as one of the first people to undergo a sex-change operation.

  • "Niels Bohr buys groceries."

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who was a key contributor to the development of quantum mechanics.

  • "How's the German expressionist date going?"

German expressionism was a dark and moody school of film-making developed in Germany in the 1920s.

  • "Is this an Andy Warhol movie?"

Andy Warhol made a series of short movies, which he called "screen tests", that consisted of a single, uninterrupted shot of someone's face that went on for several minutes.

  • "Terry Malloy!"

Terry Malloy is the name of the main character in Elia Kazan's 1954 classic film On the Waterfront.

  • "She committed thought crimes! Put the rat mask on her!"

A reference to the crimes and torture of Winston Smith in George Orwell's 1984.

  • "Dad's turned into Gregor Samsa."

Gregor Samsa is the character in Franz Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis who wakes up one morning to find he has changed into a giant bug-like creature.

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