(The gang enters the theater as the short's title is shown)

Ah, how many times Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie had sex!

  — Servo

(Dave hears something)


"Not everyone is Steve!"

  — Dave and Mike

The Short

Once Upon a Honeymoon (1956)

Once Upon a Honeymoon


A songwriter's wife, frustrated about not having had a honeymoon with her husband for a year after their marriage due to his work schedule, fantasizes about new home decor with matching colored phones, with the help of a fey bespectacled angel.


The Movie

Main article: Night of the Blood Beast (film)


Night of the Blood Beast

A test pilot returns from a pioneering near-space flight, completely intact physically but apparently dead. He recovers, but with strange new blood cells and prawn-like embryos in his abdomen. They are part of the vanguard of an alien invasion, and the pilot must decide if he will sacrifice himself to stop them.

The Episode

Host Segments

Pearl visits Deep 13

Prologue: Happy Thanksgiving! Did you see the game? Any guess as to which sport it actually is, as Gypsy points out.

Segment One: Dr. F’s Thanksgiving party continues, and it's pretty swinging. Dr. F introduces Pearl to the crew, but it turns out she somehow already knows Crow as "Art". He's forgotten to get a movie to show to the SOL crew as that was Frank's job; fortunately, Pearl has one.

Dr. F, Jack Perkins, Mr. B Natural

Segment Two: Crow and Tom put on a skit to explain to Mike why stuffing is superior to potatoes. Stuffing has pulled children from burning buildings while potatoes watched helplessly as innocents were beaten to death! Mike's revelation that both would be served is met favorably by the Bots.

Segment Three: Everyone gathers around to hear Michael Feinstein play. Pearl takes a break from the festivities to chat amiably with "Art" for awhile; alas, she is no more prone to pushing the "bring down the SOL button" than Frank was.

Deep 13 Thanksgiving

Segment Four: It's time for Thanksgiving dinner on the SOL and after the hymn, the crew finds Crow has disappeared. Turns out he slipped into Deep 13's dinner instead. Each party member goes around the table and gives thanks to God. Pearl thanks Him for Clayton... kind of. Clayton is thankful for his mom and his evilness. The other party guests requests are just as strange.

Segment Five: The Bots present their skit on Mincemeat vs. Pumpkin. They are slightly biased against mincemeat. In the meantime, Pearl’s "turkey surprise" has incapacitated all of Dr. F's party guests, except for a sobered-up Jack Perkins, who helps the Mads wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

"Anyway, that's how I got neutered!"

Stinger: "A wounded animal that large isn't good..."

MST3K cast

Regular cast

Guest cast


  • Mary Jo Pehl's first regular appearance as Pearl Forrester.
  • Crow's nickname of "Art" goes back in MST History. Waaaay back.
  • Beth McKeever started as an intern with this episode.
  • Two versions of this episode exist: this one, shown during the premiere of the MST3K Anthology (a.k.a. "Turkey Day '95"), and a second one used for subsequent rebroadcasts. The episodes differ only in their host segments; the theater segments are identical.
  • Both the Turkey Day and rebroadcast versions of this episode were included in the Volume 16 release. The special Turkey Day intro segments for the preceding episodes were also included as a special feature.
  • This is one of the few "full cast" episodes in which all of the regular members of the cast and the credited writing staff - Nelson, Murphy, Beaulieu, Pehl, Chaplin, and Jones - appear in scenes together (see also Experiment 811). Jim Mallon does not appear, though he is only credited as a Contributing Writer in this episode.
  • Pearl's "Turkey Surprise" recipe basically amounts to severely under-cooking the turkey and rubbing it with a turtle, both of which are likely to cause salmonella poisoning in whoever ate such a dish. While salmonella can be fatal, it is not always so.


Obscure References

  • "I love to go swimmin' / with bow-legged women / and swim between their legs..."

Jack Perkins sings this traditional sea shanty, which has been referenced in multiple pop culture sources, including by Colonel Potter in an episode of M*A*S*H.

  • "Mrs. Muir!"

A reference to the movie and TV series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. In the TV series, the line was usually spoken by Charles Nelson Reilly, whose character in the show, like the angel in the short, was a bespectacled and somewhat effete.

  • "It's all part of my kitchen fantasy."

Sung to the tune of "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy" by Bad Company.

  • "Hi!  We're looking for an honest man?"

Diogenes, a Greek philosopher, supposedly walked around with a lamp during the daytime; when questioned why he was doing this, he would say he was looking for an honest man. Steve (or maybe it's Steve) is carrying a lamp in a manner reminiscent of many paintings and statues of Diogenes.

  • [ "The last thing I remember..." ] "I was heading for the door..."

A line from the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles.

  • "They mean to win Wimbledon."

A reference to a Monty Python sketch, also about amorphously shaped aliens.

  • "Welcome to Shakey's!"

Shakey's is a chain of pizza restaurants. In the 70s, they had an "old-timey" theme that includes things like self-playing pianos.

  • "Music by Ray Manzarek."

Ray Manzarek was the keyboardist for the Doors, and was primarily responsible for the distinctive, keyboard-heavy sound of such songs as Light My Fire.

  • "Mr. Fawlty, she's-a crazy!"

A reference to "The Psychiatrist" episode of Fawlty Towers, when Basil is outside at night, using his ladder to try to catch a guest with a girl in his room. Manuel's broken English causes Sybil to think Basil is actually trying to peep on a beautiful female guest.

  • "Vanna Bourke-White!"

Margaret Bourke-White was a photographer. Vanna White is a television personality known for appearing on Wheel of Fortune, where she reveals the letters to a hidden word puzzle. For some time, Vanna White's intellect was called into question in popular culture, with the assumption being that served no purpose other than looking pretty. She later became more active on the show, being promoted to co-host and frequently interacting with host Pat Sajak and the contestants.

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