The Movie[]

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A space station is infiltrated by a green slime that mutates into one-eyed tentacled monsters. The crew must destroy the creatures before they can migrate to Earth.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Joel introduces himself and the SOL, which he states to be of his own design.

Segment One: Joel introduces Crow and Beeper, also of his own design. He shows off an invention, the chiro-practic helmet.

Segment Two: Joel introduces Gypsy and tells about how he found the secret of life, which bummed him out, because it was on 8-track.

Segment Three: Joel shows the vaccu-flowers on the SOL, but discovers one of them has been infected by a space virus. He brings Gypsy over to help him with the flower, but Gypsy winds up getting the virus from the flower from sniffing it. Joel calls in for Crow and Beeper, but movie sign flashes before they can make it.

Segment Four: While Joel takes Gypsy's temperature, Beeper gets the virus from Gypsy fainting, so Joel tries to clean up the foam from Beeper. While doing so, he discovers that the virus not only effects plant life and robots, but also humans, catching it himself.

Segment Five: Things are back to normal. Crow wonders if the SOL and everything in it is fake and just part of a TV show, while Joel wonders why Crow never got the space virus. It turns out Crow has his own version of the virus, which he saved to spray on Joel and the SOL at the end.


  • This episode is the unaired pilot shown to the management at KTMA to convince them to finance the production of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • It was long considered one of the "lost episodes", with only clips available, including host segment one, which appears in The MST Scrapbook.
  • It was finally shown in its entirety at an MST3K convention on October 3, 2008. A recording of that presentation has been shared, making it available to a wider audience.
  • The pilot is 14 minutes long, with only segments of the film shown and only a small number of riffs.
  • There are two known deleted scenes from this episode: a clip of Joel watching the movie during the title sequence and a Star Wars riff ("That's no asteroid, that's a battle station!"). Both appear in the show's first promo.
  • While Crow, Beeper, and Gypsy appear in this episode, Cambot does not. Joel mentioned at the 2008 convention that he had only built three robots at that point.
  • Crow is the only robot shown to speak English. Beeper speaks only in beeps and Gypsy only in grunts.
  • Gypsy is portrayed as male throughout the episode.
  • The first use of the term "Movie sign" appears in host segment four.

Obscure References[]