The Movie[]

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Earth's defensive force is deployed against invading creatures from the oceans' depths.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Joel has received word that this week's movie is Invaders from the Deep from "the guys at the station".

Segment 1: Joel shows off two of his inventions, a new take on a man-eating plant and a helmet with an airbag for motorcyclists.

Segment 2: Joel discovers one of the flowers on the SOL is sick. He calls for Gypsy to come have a look at it, but she only winds up sniffing the flower, thus catching the virus.

Segment 3: Gypsy is not doing well and Joel and Crow are grossed out by Joel's "reptile thermometer". By segment's end, it appears that Joel, himself, has become infected.

Segment 4: Joel thinks Troy's distinctive walk will catch on and he demonstrates. After asking viewers to call in, Joel shows off one last invention: the electric bagpipes. Joel plays "Amazing Grace" and "Whole Lotta Love". Crow joins Joel at the end to compliment him and they contemplate the nature of the now cleared-up virus and the universe itself.

Obscure References[]


  • This episode was previously one of three missing episodes (where no fan recording had been discovered). However, a master tape copy of the episode (along with Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars) was found in 2016, and on November 25, 2016, the episode was released on VHX by Joel Hodgson to qualifying backers of the Kickstarter campaign.[1]
  • The title card to the master tape is dated 11/4/88, which is likely the original production date. Joel has also recently mentioned the show originally had no theme song, so this episode was probably produced without the theme, which was created later (as indicated by Joel's hair and jumpsuit), prior to the show's debut on Nov. 24, 1988.
  • Joel can be heard eating popcorn and drinking soda in the theater.
  • Crow is voiced by Josh Weinstein in this episode and joins Joel in the second theater segment.
  • Crow refers to Joel as Joel Hodgson and not Joel Robinson.
  • Joel and Crow review the film during the final theater segment as the film's credits roll.
  • Neither Servo not The Mads appear in the episode itself, only in the opening credits. Beeper is mentioned, but not shown, so the remodel and name change may not have happened yet when the episode was recorded.
  • The version of the episode released online does not feature end credits.
  • The prologue segment would later be used as a clip in K17 - Time of the Apes.