The Movie[]

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Ken, a fugitive Star Wolf warrior with superhuman abilities, works with his new friends on the starship Bacchus 3 to fight hostile alien forces, including his own people.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Joel demonstrates some of his inventions, including the num-clucks, a gun silencer that helps robbers communicate and the chiro helmet. (Note: This segment was viewable in the "Genesis" section of the old

Segment 1: Crow explains Thanksgiving to Gypsy in a rather obscure way. (Note: This segment appears on The MST Scrapbook tape.)

Segment 2: Crow and Servo try to simulate the feeling of being on drugs by wearing clothing pins on their mouths.

Segment 3: While Joel explains to Gypsy how Japanese films are made, he notices a clothing pin on her mouth, which Crow put there to try out an experiment. Joel explains to Gypsy what it's like to simulate the feeling of being on drugs by using glasses with drug-like colors. It doesn't work on Gypsy, so Joel bops her on the head to show her what drug use is like. (Note: This segment was viewable in the "Genesis" section of the old

Obscure References[]


  • This episode is currently the only remaining episode considered "lost", as no fan copy has surfaced, nor has it been released after its initial airing on KTMA. MST3K producer Ivan Askwith confirmed on April 21, 2021 that a copy of K03 is not available in their collection and the team has been trying very hard to find a copy of the episode to release to the public.[1] As not even Joel has a copy of the episode, it is unlikely this episode will ever see a full release.
  • As the full episode has not been released, some segments are currently unknown and therefore unlisted.
  • Gypsy is referred to as "Gypsum" throughout the entire episode.
  • Starting with this episode up until K06 - Gamera vs Gaos, Servo speaks with a Kermit the Frog-type voice.


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