The Movie[]

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The detonation of an atomic bomb awakens a giant flying turtle, which then goes off to devastate Japan.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: It's Christmas time on the Satellite of Love. Crow volunteers to be cryogenically frozen and turned into a Christmas tree.

Segment One: Joel ponders using Servo as a snowman lawn-ornament next Christmas. A caller demands to know who does Joel's hair, and Joel invites the caller to watch the end credits.

Segment Two: A caller asks Joel why he doesn't hire Godzilla to appear on the show. Gypsy agrees to impersonate Godzilla, after some coaxing from Joel. Viewers are invited to participate in a Ted Turner phone survey.

Segment Three: Joel and Servo listen to more fan messages. One caller expresses his fondness for "giant turtles who breathe fire and sh*t". J&TB debate whether the film's fight scenes look fake or not.

Segment Four: Joel thanks everyone for calling in, and re-runs the footage of Crow getting frozen. Gypsy thinks Crow "isn't really beautiful", but sings "O Tannenbot" with Joel anyway.[1]

Obscure References[]


  • Despite being joined by Servo during the host segments, Joel watches the entire movie alone. This is never explained, although Trace was out of town during the shooting of this episode, which is why the "Christmas tree gag" was invented. Josh Weinstein again voices Crow in the flashback to his being frozen.
  • This is the first black and white film to be used in the series. It is also the only black and white film to be used for a KTMA episode.


  • After Joel leaves the theater during the second theater segment, the theater seats disappear.