The Movie


In this Japanese monster opus, the awakening of a volcano brings with it the return of Gaos, a huge creature who resembles a gigantic bat with powerful lasers. The creature begins raising havoc all over the island, but Gaos makes the mistake of attacking a plane whose passengers include a small boy in psychic contact with Gamera, a powerful, jet-propelled flying turtle. The boy cooperates with a group of scientists who hope that, by combining their technical know-how with the boy's ability to control Gamera, they can wipe out the destructive super-bat once and for all. [1]


  • This is the first film in which Gamera flies without spinning.
  • See Episode 308

The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: Crow is still frozen from the previous show. A caller complains about the Gamera movies; Joel apologizes but says there's nothing he can do. He shows a picture of the Mads, and explains that they choose the movies.

Segment One: Servo hits puberty and develops a new "DYNAMIC MIGHTY VOICE!" (Portions of this skit appear on the MST3K Scrapbook tape)

Segment Two: Gypsy wants a new voice too, but Joel thinks she sounds like Kim Carnes and is therefore sexy. A caller asks Joel to unfreeze Crow, and Gypsy eats the "shiny spaghetti" (tinsel) that Joel decorated with.

Segment Three: A young viewer invites Joel & the Bots to his birthday party. They can't make it, so Tom Servo sends special birthday wishes. He goes off on a tangent. And keeps going. And going.

Segment Four: With his new MIGHTY VOICE, Tom Servo talks about the upcoming New Year's edition of MST3K. Crow's still frozen as the episode ends.[1]

Obscure References


  • This show contains the first mention of the Mads.
  • Interestingly, Servo sits in Crow's seat rather than his own during the movie.
  • This is the episode where Servo becomes Tom Servo during segment one. He has quite a lot of fun with his new personality, proudly boasting "This is Tom Servo announcing" any chance he gets over the next couple of episodes.


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