The Movie[]

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The giant turtle Gamera battles the bloodthirsty creature Gaos.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Crow is still frozen in the form of a Christmas tree. A caller complains about the Gamera movies. Joel apologizes, but says there's nothing he can do. He shows a picture of the Mads and explains that they choose the movies.

Segment One: Servo hits puberty and develops a new "DYNAMIC MIGHTY VOICE!"

Segment Two: Gypsy wants a new voice too, but Joel thinks she sounds like Kim Carnes and is, therefore, sexy. A caller asks Joel to unfreeze Crow and Gypsy eats the "shiny spaghetti" (tinsel) with which Joel decorated him.

Segment Three: A young viewer invites Joel and the Bots to his birthday party. They can't make it, so Tom Servo sends special birthday wishes, but goes off on a tangent. And keeps going. And going.

Segment Four: With his new MIGHTY VOICE, Tom Servo talks about the upcoming New Year's edition of MST3K. Crow's still frozen as the episode ends.[1]

Obscure References[]


  • This show contains the first mention of the Mads outside of the theme song.
  • Since Crow is frozen, Servo sits in his seat rather than his usual one during the movie.
  • This is the episode where Servo's name officially becomes "Tom Servo", as seen during segment one. He has a lot of fun with his new identity, proudly boasting "This is Tom Servo announcing" frequently over the next couple of episodes.