The Movie[]

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Two boys are abducted by a pair of evil alien women. They are rescued by the giant flying turtle Gamera, who must defeat the aliens' blade-headed beast Guiron.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: The Mads are out of bad movies, and must choose between sending the Satellite of Love either Star Wars or Jaws. At the last minute, though, Dr. Erhardt finds another Gamera film. Crow: "With all my parts, I could've made an excellent vacuum-cleaner. Instead, it's the movies that suck!"

Segment One: Crow gets conked in the head and dreams that he controls the experiment while the Mads are trapped in space! He sends them A Planet of the Apes Christmas again and again and again...

Segment Two: Crow tells Joel and Servo about his dream from the previous host segment. Servo and Crow discuss other dreams they've had, with Servo's being particularly vivid.

Segment Three: Joel tells the Bots about his dreams. "Sometimes I dream I'm a crane operator. Other times I'm standing in line for Metallica tickets..."

Segment Four: Joel and the Bots perform a song about the Satellite of Love. Gypsy really gets into it, and Joel promises that there won't be any more Gamera films.[1]

Obscure References[]


  • This was the first show of 1989.
  • Joel & the Bots did not listen to any viewer calls for the first time since that practice began.
  • The "stupid young inexperienced bumbling senator from Indiana" who gains access to the White House seems to be a reference to Dan Quayle, who had been elected Vice President of the United States a couple of months before the episode aired.
  • The idea of the Mads being the ones trapped aboard the Satellite watching bad movies would later be used in Experiment #611.
  • The Mads "find" another Gamera film to show Joel and the Bots, despite the last segment of the previous episode having Joel and the Bots telling the viewers they would be doing Gamera vs Guiron this week.