That is the worst chunk of crap monster I’ve ever seen in any movie, TV show or radio program in my life.
- Tom Servo

The Movie[]

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Commander Koenig and the crew of Moonbase Alpha find themselves facing off against the maniacal alien Mentor, whose daughter Maya is endowed with the ability to transform herself into any life form. Mentor plots to drain the minds of the Alphans, while Koenig attempts to extricate them from the situation.

Dr. Helena Russell tries to treat Maya, who has contracted a disease that causes her to lose control of her transformations. Meanwhile, Koenig and pilot Alan Carter become trapped millions of miles away from Alpha on the other side of a space warp.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: It's Super Bowl Sunday! The Mads show off their "no-d" glasses, which are glasses with one lens blocked. Dr. Erhardt: "Look, I can only see length!"

Segment One: Crow's barbershop is open for business, and Joel is the first customer. They discuss "that black Carson, Arsenio Hall" and other hot topics of the day.

Segment Two: In order to disprove the theory of evolution, Servo attempts to teach himself to fly. He literally loses his head in the process.

Segment Three: The Bots help Joel with his taxes. It goes pretty well until Crow and Servo discover they're being claimed as "business expenses." Crow: "Maybe we should be wearing ties and demanding maintenance contracts!"

Segment Four: The crew of the SOL play a game of football, and Gypsy and Joel duet on "We Are the Champions". The whole thing degenerates into a tickle fight as the credits roll. (A portion of this scene was included on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.)

Obscure References[]

  • "Super Bowl Sunday"
This episode aired on January 22, 1989, the same day as Super Bowl XXIII. The Mads are wearing the "no-d" glasses because the half-time show that year was in 3-D.
  • "ITC"
When the Incorporated Television Company (ITC) logo appears at the beginning of the movie, Tom asks if that logo reminds them of The Muppet Show. Both Space: 1999 and The Muppet Show were produced by ITC, a well-known television company in the UK, founded by Lord Lew Grade.

Behind the Scenes[]

MST3K Cast[]

Regular Cast

MST3K Crew[]

  • Associate Producers - Kevin Murphy, Vince Rodriguez
  • Make-up - Faye Burkholder
  • Audio - Todd Ziegler
  • Camera - Kevin Murphy
  • Art Director - Joel Hodgson
  • Lighting - Kevin Murphy
  • Production Assistant - Alex Carr
  • Color Consultant - Lisa Erickson
  • Hair Design - Mr. Crow of Beverly Hills




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