The Movie[]

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Ken, an alien warrior with superhuman abilities known as a Star Wolf, joins the crew of the starship Bacchus 3 after seeing the cruelty of his own people. He must earn his new comrades' trust as they undertake dangerous missions. He also encounters people from his past who may reveal his secret

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Dr. Forrester is attending a Mad Scientists' Convention in Las Vegas, leaving Dr. Erhardt in charge of the experiment. On the SOL, Joel sings the "Theme to Fugitive Alien" in honor of today's movie. Servo is less than impressed by Joel's singing.

Segment One: Crow is missing, and Joel discovers that Servo and Gypsy have disassembled him. Joel is not pleased and asks them to put Crow back together. Gypsy: "I just hope we can find his spine!"

Segment Two: Ever notice how you never see certain celebrities in the same room together, like Michael Jackson and Diana Ross? Could they be the same person? Joel and Servo debate the issue.

Segment Three: Joel hosts a robot dance competition as Gypsy and Servo boogie down to YMCA. Servo: "I can't stop the music! I got it in me, Joel!" Servo later pronounces this host segment "the stupidest thing we've ever done."

Segment Four: Joel announces the formation of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan club. Servo thanks everyone for all the nice "cards and leathers" [sic] they've sent in.[1]

Obscure References[]

  • "Man made chickens, but they're new!"

A quote from the David Lynch movie Eraserhead.

  • "The closer she gets, the better she looks."

This is an altered version of an old Clairol ad, which showed a man and woman running towards each other in slow-motion.


  • This marks Trace's fourth absence from the show in twelve episodes.
  • Joel and Servo watch the movie alone, and Servo sits in Crow's seat.