The Movie


On its maiden flight, America's first supersonic transport runs into deadly danger high in the sky and may never get to land. The plane is populated with Barbara Anderson, Bert Convy, Peter Graves, Lorne Greene, Tina Louise, George Maharis, Burgess Meredith, Doug McClure, Martin Milner, Robert Reed, Susan Strasberg, Billy Crystal, John de Lancie, and Regis Philbin. [1]

As Crow quips, "There are more stars in this movie than a two hour episode of 'Love Boat Goes to Fantasy Island'".


Death Flight was originally known as SST-Death Flight when it was first telecast February 25, 1977. The film's working title was Death of the Maiden, but this was too close to Death and the Maiden, the 90-minute pilot episode of the 1973 Jimmy Stewart TV series Hawkins. Death Flight was later syndicated as SST: Disaster in the Sky. [2]

The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: Dr. Forrester is back from Vegas, and he's brought lots of strange presents for Dr. Erhardt, including this weeks movie. For no particular reason, Joel performs a spit-take.

Segment One: Joel tries to disprove the theory that robots can't feel physical pain by administering electrical shocks to Servo. (Servo: "You can fill my head with gummi bears, but I won't talk!")

Segment Two: Gypsy has a cold, which makes her voice sexy and seductive. She does a Marilyn Monroe impression for a very puzzled Joel.

Segment Three: It's limbo-mania on the Satellite of Love! Joel, Crow and Gypsy participate while Servo sings "The Banana Boat Song."

Segment Four: Servo and Crow read fan mail from "the babes." Servo invites viewers to write in with their favorite pizza toppings, much to Joel's chagrin.[1]

Obscure References


  • Portions of the theater segments were included on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.
  • This episode marks the first time the crew of the SOL read letters from viewers (as opposed to listening to phone calls).


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