The Movie[]

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A high-tech crime-fighting team called Mighty Jack is deployed to stop the machinations of the international criminal organization known as "Q".

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Forrester and Erhardt try to figure out if they're really mad scientists, or just angry.

Segment One: As a practical joke, Servo, Crow and Gypsy weld themselves together. Joel isn't amused. The Bots dash off-screen, put on women's clothing, then return. (Joel: "I feel like Benny Hill.")

Segment Two: The Bots discuss the concept of humor, and wonder if murdering Joel would be funny.

Segment Three: After the Bots refuse to play any games with him, Joel gets depressed. (Joel: "Next time, no free will.") Joel pouts until movie sign rolls around.

Segment Four: Crow reads a fan letter praising Servo, after which Joel reads an anti-Servo letter. Servo reads a fan letter from "Amy, the MAGNIFICENT PAGAN SHE-BEAST," and gets very, very excited as he does so.[1]

Obscure References[]


  • This movie was more heavily-edited when it was used again in Season 3 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, making this version more coherent.
  • When Crow drops his Dots; Servo retrieves them, gets sticky from the floor, and says... "This gives me an idea for a Halloween costume". Josh is referring to a bit from Joel's stand-up act where he used candy wrappers and silly string to make a 'floor of a theater' costume. This bit will show up in MST3K 212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon.