The Movie[]

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Murder and torrid romance surround the Super Bowl game at New Orleans' famous Superdome stadium.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: In a flashback, Servo talks the Mads into bringing the crew of the SOL back down to Earth. Crow ruins everything.

Segment One: A repeat of host segment 1 from episode K13 - SST- Death Flight, in which Joel helps Servo experience pain.

Segment Two: Joel turns into a tyrant and rules the ship with an iron fist. The Bots retaliate by quoting lots of old movies. Crow and Gypsy re-enact the ending of Casablanca, though Gypsy has no idea where Paris is.

Segment Three: A tender montage of Servo's favorite moments aboard the SOL as Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World plays underneath.

Segment Four: With Tom in Sick Bay, Joel and Crow check out some artwork they got from a viewer.[1]

Obscure References[]


  • For many years, the final host segment was missing, but was finally found in October 2004 by two fans who located it in the possession of another fan who had submitted artwork that had been featured in the segment. She had taped the episode and kept it for 16 years, but it had been taped over with family events except for the last segment.
  • The concept of the host segments were flashbacks to previous events. This would be revisited in the second national season in Episode #209. While in that episode, the flashbacks were all from previous episodes, here only one was from a previous episode: the second segment was a flashback to the second segment in Episode K13, wherein Servo got to experience pain.