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A young boy and his sister visit their uncle's laboratory, where scientists are involved with ground-breaking experiments in the field of cryogenics. They have devised a system in which monkeys, and conceivably humans, can be flash-frozen for years and resuscitated later without any ill effects. While enjoying the grand tour with their uncle's assistant Catherine, a massive earthquake erupts and the three of them take refuge in the experimental cryogenic pods. A falling chunk of concrete hits the controls and begins the freezing process. When the trio awakens, they find themselves in a strange world where apes walk and talk like men and wield complete control of their own civilization. Soon they are running for their lives, pursued by an army of primates that has marked them for extermination. [1]


  • Time of the Apes was originally a 26-episode Japanese television series that was edited down into this feature-length film and bears more than a passing resemblance to the ideas and makeup effects found in the Planet of the Apes movies. [2]

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The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: The Mads can't reach Joel...all their transmissions are intercepted by Servo and Crow. So where's Joel?

Segment One: Crow, Gypsy, and Servo search for Joel but only find his uniform. Does that mean he's floating naked out in space? Sadly, yes. Servo: "Quick! Get the telescope!"

Segment Two: Realizing that Joel is locked out of the ship, Crow and Servo debate whether they should let him back in. They discuss several new privileges they'd like to receive as a reward for doing so, but movie sign intervenes before they actually bother to open the pod bay doors.

Segment Three: Cambot fools Crow into thinking that Joel is back on the ship, but it's just a joke. Things then get pretty surreal as Servo demonstrates various ways that fantasy can be made to look real.

Segment Four: Joel floats naked outside the Satellite of Love as Crow and Servo discuss their new Joel-less life together.[1]


  • This is the only MST3K episode that does not feature a human character aboard the SOL. Joel was out of town, so the episode was shot without him; therefore, Servo and Crow watch the movie alone.

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