The Movie[]

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A secret society of women use violence and seduction in an effort to overthrow the world's patriarchal power structure. They are opposed by American and British intelligence agents.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Joel, who was trapped outside in episode K17 - Time of the Apes, gets back inside the ship with some help from the Mads. Joel is a little upset, and the Bots apologize, sort of.

Segment One: Joel disciplines the Bots for locking him out of the SOL. Servo and Crow retaliate by locking up Gypsy.

Segment Two: Joel & the Bots host a game show, though their fact-checking skills appear to be weak. ("Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?" "The Blue Ridge Mountains!")

Segment Three: MST3K Unplugged! Joel & the Bots perform an acoustic version of the show's theme song.

Segment Four: Servo's mouth is broken, so Joel moves it for him when he needs to talk. The fan club address is read, and Joel announces that nearly 900 people have signed up so far.[1]

Obscure References[]

  • "No tickie, no shirtie." Repeated multiple times (and also used in the MST3K movie).

This is a reference to a stereotype about Chinese dry cleaners who would refuse to give a customer back their laundry if the customer didn't bring the ticket they were given when they brought the laundry in. The stereotype is derived from the notion that Chinese immigrants tended to add the suffix "-ie" (or "-ee") to English words.

  • "This is a tough role for Frankie. He's working without a net."

A play on words, since Frankie Avalon starred in several popular beach movies with Annette Funicello. "Working without a net" is a phrase often employed to indicate that risks are being taken. It is derived from aerial acts, often performed in circuses.


  • Servo only watches the first half of the movie, opting instead to "bake brownies for the Pinewood Derby."
  • Apart from the opening credits, this is the last time Gypsy is seen during the KTMA era.
  • This is only instance (to date) where the movie riffs itself. When Frankie inquires if he is supposed to sing, Joel chastises him, pointing out that riffing the movie is the job of the SOL crew.