The Movie[]

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Lee Majors and Chris Makepeace make a rebellious escape from an Orwellian government that has banned all cars. They are pursued by Burgess Meredith in a fighter jet.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Dr. Forrester succeeds in creating cold Dr. Erhardt's mouth! Forrester whips out his straw and partakes of the juices running from his partner's gaping maw. Disappointed with the results, they send Joel the movie.

Segment One: Crow and Servo receive their weekly humanity lesson from Joel. "Lesson #1: Always say 'please' and 'thank you,' even if you don't really mean it." Things degenerate from there.

Segment Two: The 1,000th fan club member has signed up: Ms. Gidget Howell! Joel reads a nice letter from her, and demonstrates the proper way to wear the hat she'll receive as a prize.

Segment Three: Servo reads a fan letter from "Bobby Hodges." The spelling is quite bad, prompting Joel to quip, "Bobby must be a freshman at the University of Minnesota."

Segment Four: Another fan letter, this one comparing MST3K (favorably) to other "kiddie shows" of by-gone days.[1]

Obscure References[]

  • "Going back to the old ad campaign, 'Coke takes life'."

"Coke adds life to...(event)" was a Coca Cola slogan in the early 80's. Examples of the slogan would be "Coke adds life to...The Barbecue" or "Summer with Friends" and so on.

  • "Daddy, what's Vietnam?"

In the commercial for the Time Life Book series "The Vietnam Experience" a child asks this question to his father as they visit the Vietnam War Memorial.

  • "He's turning into a werewolf." "He's turning into Michael Landon?"

Actor Michael Landon played a werewolf in I Was a Teenage Werewolf, which would be used in Experiment #809.

  • "I had too much to dream last night..."

"I Had Too Much to Dream" is a psychedelic 60's rock song from The Electric Prunes.


  • The prologue for this episode is the first and only time that viewers see the theater doorway sequence before the crew of the SOL appear.