The Movie


Lee Majors and Chris Makepeace make a rebellious escape from an Orwellian government that has banned all cars. Also, Burgess Meredith in a fighter jet.


The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: Dr. Forrester succeeds in creating cold Dr. Erhardt's mouth! Forrester whips out his straw and partakes of the juices running from his partner's gaping maw. Disappointed with the results, they send Joel the movie.

Segment One: Crow and Servo receive their weekly humanity lesson from Joel. "Lesson #1: Always say 'please' and 'thank you,' even if you don't really mean it." Things degenerate from there.

Segment Two: The 1,000th fan club member has signed up: Ms. Gidget Howell! Joel reads a nice letter from her, and demonstrates the proper way to wear the hat she'll receive as a prize.

Segment Three: Servo reads a fan letter from "Bobby Hodges." The spelling is quite bad, prompting Joel to quip, "Bobby must be a freshman at the University of Minnesota."

Segment Four: Another fan letter, this one comparing MST3K (favorably) to other "kiddie shows" of by-gone days.[1]

Obscure References


  • During the prologue, the first time we go to the SOL we see the doorway sequence, without having first seen Joel & the Bots. This is the first and only time that we see the theater doorway sequence before we see the crew of the SOL.


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