John 'Pterodactyl' Shaft
- Joel

I think someone's gonna get the shaft. Could be the viewer.
- Crow T. Robot

The Movie[]

Main article: The "Legend of Dinosaurs" (film)


A young scientist investigates an area where giant reptiles have been reported.

The Episode[]

Host Segments[]

Prologue: Taking their cue from the "Paul McCartney is Dead" hoax of the late '60s, the Mads start a "Joel is Dead" rumor. They make a pretty decent case, quite honestly.

Segment One: Joel demonstrates the way special effects can be used to make a person look really small. A little boy visits the Satellite of Love and shakes Joel like a rag doll.

Segment Two: Joel & the Bots put on a wacky sitcom, complete with laugh track, canned applause, and groaningly bad jokes. (This clip appears on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.)

Segment Three: To prepare the Bots for the film's upcoming dinosaur action scene, Joel shows off his model lizard, which breathes real fire, by the Bots are underwhelmed.

Segment Four: Summer's coming up, and that means MST3K is going on hiatus! Joel & the Bots discuss what they plan to do until the show starts up again. Servo: "I'm gonna fill my head with cocoa butter and surf till I drop!"[1]


  • This is the final KTMA episode.
  • Host segments 1 and 3 were apparently aired in the wrong order: in host segment 1, Joel refers to their "earlier" segment about the dinosaur...he's actually referring to host segment 3.
  • This was the only KTMA episode to feature a special guest, which in this case was a young boy named Ralph Smith and his mother (off-screen).

Obscure References[]


Dinah Shore was a singer from the 40s and 50s, here noted only for her resemblance to the word "dinosaur."

  • " the Land of the Loooost!"

The theme song to the 1970s TV show Land of the Lost, about a family stranded in a strange world that was home to (among other things) dinosaurs.

  • "I thought this was Japan, not China."

A reference to Chinese water torture.

  • "One of my robotic laws is 'Annoy at all costs.'"

A reference to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

  • "Four hundred and fourty-eight toothpicks...I gotta go watch Wapner."

Servo is imitating Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

  • "My God, it's Dorka!"

A play on Orca, a 1977 horror movie about a killer whale.

  • "Getting to know You."

A reference to the song "Getting to Know You" from the musical "The King and I" by Rodgers & Hammerstein.

  • "Who's the pterodactyl cat? Who's the sex machine and not a hat? Shaft! Good God! Huh!"

A play on the "Theme from Shaft" and "War".

  • "It's a headless!

A reference to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

  • "Flicka! I guess they took the head to use in The Godfather."

A reference to My Friend Flicka and The Godfather.

  • "When there was no fowl, we ate crawdad. When there was no crawdad, we ate sand."

A reference to Raising Arizona.

  • "In the land of Dairy Queen, we treat you right."

A reference to a Dairy Queen commercial.