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The Special


Act One: Hosts Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot welcome viewers over cocktails to the special and state its purpose: for the Bots to tell you your opinions on the upcoming Oscars, even though they haven't seen any of the movies. They decide to use the promo tapes that the studios give away instead.

First, the Bots pick the Best Make-Up award, showing a clip from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and an interview with an "uncooperative" Kenneth Branagh. They then pick Four Weddings and a Funeral for Best Picture and show a confusing clip. Mike (as Ed Asner) drops in to fill in the Bots on the clip's topic. The Bots' Best Actress pick is revealed as Miranda Richardson from Tom & Viv; this clip leads to discussions of bass fishing and river movies. Best Director is based on looks, which means the winner is...Robert Redford of Quiz Show!

Act Two: The Bots stuff themselves with hors d'oevurs and take another shot at Best Picture, this time choosing Forrest Gump; the "box of chocolates" line gets Servo a little overexcited. Next is Best Costume; the Bots are impressed by Queen Margot but are then wowed by The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and throw their vote behind it instead. They discuss a few random films before sending things over to Gypsy in the field. Unfortunately for them, she's actually in her room alone making Pop-Tarts. Best Song has clips from The Lion King and Junior.

Act Three: The entrees have arrived, and so have more clips from Quiz Show and Robert Redford, this time for Best Picture. Best Original Screenplay has bits from Red and Heavenly Creatures, followed by another look at Best Actress, in this case Winona Ryder from Little Women. This leads to a discussion about Civil War myths before segueing into Jessica Lange in Blue Sky. This leads the Bots to decide it is the Year of the Mental Lady!

Act Four: Over dessert, Ed Asner finally drops by, and it is not Mike, right? Best Picture focuses on Hoop Dreams this time around, although the Bots are dismayed by the clip's abrupt ending. Best Actor is finally discussed, mentioning John Travolta and after a bitter rant from Servo leads to another Best Picture feature for Pulp Fiction. The Bots then thank the viewers for watching (although "Ed Asner" is slightly dismayed at his limited role in the whole affair) before gorging themselves on the last of their sweets.

Oh, and the Bots forgot to mention The Shawshank Redemption. The end.


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